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Posted:there has been a distinct lack of fun around at the moment, atleast for me anyway. But on the 25th of August, partly for my birthday 4 days later, I say we get a whole bunch of us together. It'll be a great chance 4 us to meet each other and exchange ideas and tips etc. So if your interested and need a map etc. post something here.

I took my harp ta party, but no body asked me to play, so I took harp home again

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Posted:I can't come but have a Hip Hop Happy Birthday! biggrin I hope someone buys you some nice new lego biggrin

Let's relight this forum ubblove



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Posted:oooo partypartyparty
(heyhey we get our results the next day...)
frown eek mad angry footinmouth
any hoo, yey partypartyparty
im expecting lots...

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Posted:Damn, I head to Paris on the 24th - Sorry, Sounded like a good idea tho smile

Good luck with that, and hope you have fun - Happy Birthday! hug

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin