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Posted:Hi all,
just wondered - any of you ever suffer with back/hip pain after poi-ing? ive only been learning for 4 weeks, and had a first go with fire at the weekend (which was cooool) but now im in agony!!

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Posted:i have that same problem, like the next day. i found that streching out before AND after helps ALOT

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Posted:once again, we are on the subject of sissy.

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Posted:There was a time when my left hip hurt all the time after spinning, and the pain would linger for about a week. If I had to do a long car drive, I'd get out, and my hip would be stiff, and sore.

I had a friend who happens to be a physio therapist watch me spin, and she noticed I'd turn and push off such that I was putting most of my torque and weight on the left hip. I was stressing the joint. IF you want to get fancy, you could say it's a repetative motion injury.

I worked with her a bit, and she helped me change up how I move just a bit so that I don't stress that joint as much. The change didn't affect how I move...or how it looks I move, but it did move my weight off of my left foot as I turned, especially if my left foot was leading.

She also gave me stretching exercises to do to help losen up my hips and open them up a bit.

Fryed Fish is right...stretching before and after helps a LOT. If you have a somewhat weak back, spinning could stress it a bit, and stretching can go a long way.

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Posted:Stretch, stretch and more stretch. If physical education taught you nothing, it should have taught you that.

I think I've ruined my left wrist through poi - my first pair got delivered about three days after seriously spraining it, and while I managed to resist for another day, I had to start playing after that. I've barely put them down since then, and about 4 months since my wrist has just started hurting again badly when I use any of my props. I think my meteor has done it the most damage tbh, but it seems alot better if I wear a wrist support so I've found a way to spin and minimise pain/extra damage.

I know I should just stop for a couple of weeks, but I can't.



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Posted:The only back pain I get to do with Poi is when im hunched over my computer for too long browsing HOP.

Thats the disadvantage of having your computer on the floor and not on a desk....then again, there is the advantage of being able to browse for porn, without the neighbours looking in through the windows.



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Posted:melemel, take up Yoga or pilates. They both strengthen abdomen, lower back, and buttocks muscles, helping with the balance of the body giving you a strong center.
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Posted:Thanks people - good to know its not just me! Yeah, i do have a weak back, and yes i probably am a sissy;) Will try stretching out a bit b4 and after. However, i couldnt stop the poi if i wanted to - i cant clean the house or wash up, but i can always heave myself off the sofa if my poi are calling! While we're on the health/spinning subject, has anyone else noticed a certain sharpening of the old grey matter? im sure it must be a left brain/right brain co-ordination thing...?

Tomorrows World isnt on anymore...Does that mean its tomorrow now?