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Location: Tennessee, USA
Member Since: 3rd Jun 2004
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Posted:I just got my first pair of wicks and my friend I spin with told me to pick up some Coleman fuel at Walmart. The problem is that Walmart is the Devil and I don't like to give them my money. A quick trip there, last night, only confirmed this for me (and also my boyfriend who stopped shopping there at my insistance, and now is glad that he did).

I tried Target first, and they do not carry it, so I was wondering where people buy their fuel?


Location: Galveston, TX
Member Since: 9th Sep 2001
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Posted:I buy mine at Academy (probably only a TX store). Anyway, it's a sporting goods store, and the camp fuel is found in the camping section. Maybe you have something like that in Tennessee? I agree that Wal-mart is a horrid store to enter.


Location: CT, USA
Member Since: 14th Jun 2004
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Posted:It's usually pretty easy to find coleman fuel/white gas at any local hardware store. You might have to look for it though, employees never seem to know what I'm talking about.


That guy from Reno
Location: Reno, Nevada USA
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
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Posted:I've seen coleman at supermarkets and drug stores too.

Cody Canon
Controlled Burn, Reno Nevada


Hyperloops suck

Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted:Safeway carries it I believe, which is a drug store, similar to Longs (which has it sometimes as well). First check a hardware/camping store, as that is what the fuel is made for, camping.

Flame Boy
Flame Boy

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Posted:I dunno how it is over in the US but in England you can get tanks of paraffin (kerosene) and BBQ lighter fluid at any petrol station biggrin

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