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jemima (jem)
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jemima (jem)

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Posted:I've seen elements of contact juggling and ribbons in gymnastics, but I still think poi is very much a rich unique skill and separate entity. Could this event become real in the future?

Hmmm how would they mark it? bounce bounce clap bounce2 bounce2 clap bounce bounce bounce2 bounce2 clap bounce bounce bounce

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Posted:Is it possible to enjoy something based solely on the merits of the activity, and not have to worry about competition or "maneuvering" through ranks to be on top?

I should mention I'm cynical when people start talking about the olympics. I've never met an amateur competition league that's ready to make the steps to get put into the olympic games. Like random drug testing, for example...


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Posted:Oh wow socks i havnt seen you on hop in ages, love your avatar!

Hmm Olympics, Ide love that. It would give people the chance to be competative in something that they enjoy. I dont beleive it would ever change poi for the 'regular people' because they can still spin to relax, have fun without being copetative themselves. Much like swimming or ice skating. You can do those in your free time, having them being an olympic event changes absolutly nothing to the regular people on the street who dont have anything to do with the olympics, but swim or skate for fun.

Of course for those who do try to take part in the olympics, or world games, or other smaller events they have the chance to strive for that goal if they get the opertunity and dedicate themselves from a young age.

Ide also love to see what poi becomes when (well IF I suppose is the right word) it becomes standardised. Seperating the different styles of spinning and the different types of prop used. Infact it would help alot of spinners because there would be resorces to look for if you wanted to do something in particular with poi, or learn something new in the way you spin, and also it would give you a definate style to speak of when talking about poi spinning, which can be difficult sometimes now.

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Posted:I don't know if poi would translate to a sport very well. It could be judged as a performance art ie aesthetically aswell as technically but with the huge variance of styles it would be very difficult to judge.

Also there aren't really that many people doing poi in the world, and certainly not many at a world level, so the competition would be limited at best (certainly compared to ice skating etc). You could argue that of curling aswell, but that shouldn't be an olympic sport either tbh, I mean wtf are they even trying to achieve.

Athletics is usually about being the fastest, throwing the furthest, jumping the highest etc. Maybe there could be points for tricks, cleanliness, overall style etc within a time limit or something, but it really would have to be a mostly technical style, and that would limit its appeal. I'd also worry about it belittling fire spinning in general - a lot of the attraction of fire spinning is that when you first see it, it does seem practically impossible, and it wouldn't hold the same charm (to the public) if you've watched some guy do a handstand-inverted-buzzsaw-wibble-thing with just his left toe.


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