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Posted:Well, here we go.

After 2 years of umming and ahhing and changing my mind constantly, the day has almost arrived (tomorrow) when I leave Southampton, my home of 14 years, and travel back to my birthplace Australia.

(Just got to get a couple of months in Africa out of the way first. I'm having absolutely no side effects on larium which has left me marginally disappointed as I was looking forward to the hallucinations.)

I've made some good friends, Spanner, Strugz and Frodo in particular, and I'm going to miss you loads, so you all have to come and stay with me. Please.

And it's on with the new. Looking forward to meeting some new peeps, ones who know what a hoon is, and don't look at me strange when I end a sentence in "but..."

I love you all.

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Posted:Your coming back to Australia? wow.. I didnt even know you used to live in Australia.
And your locaton says Originally Surfers Paradise.. wow, thats a gorgeous place.
It will be nice to be back here again... where people speak normally and all that jazz... but it will sad for you to leave.
As long as you know you have made the right choice though.
Umm... where is Southampton though?


Posted:Have a good trip. Where are you going to go in Africa?
Isn't it weird how somehow we all end up back in Oz! tongue Next year beerchug


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Posted:I didn't know you'd been there for 14 years, I'm impressed...I only lasted for 4 ubblol

We'll miss you too, darling. It's been lovely to get to know you and spin with you. And thanks for the invitation, I would love to come to Australia! ubblove

Safe journey hug

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Posted:M8 i wasnt expecting that!!

At such short notice eek

You better have some f these

beerchug beerchug beerchug beerchug beerchug

some of these

hug hug hug hug hug

and some of these

spank no wait - youve got a staff that does that for you wink

M8, do have a sweeeet trip and a great time in africa biggrin

& rest assured, whn i hit Oz (soon i hope) i will definately need a sofa to crash on ubbangel

Keep in touch - hug


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