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Posted:I am sure that alot of us have played with using different coloured flames. The one I have used most is boric acid mixed with metho to create a bright green flame. I think that, and using copper sulfate for blue are the most common. I have a couple of thoughts here... firstly, is there something better than Metho to mix the chems with (Metho burns HOT!)

secondly, what are some other fun colours to make? I have heard that purple is possible but the stuff to make the flame change colour is really hard to get...

and lastly, does anyone know how insanely bad for our environment this is??? I am guessing that its not v. good, but is it much worse than kero?

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Posted:Durb's lovingly created FAQ on Coloured Flames

I have to close this thread. There's just sooo many threads on coloured flames. Have a look at the above and if you need further reading, please do a search.

Thanks! smile

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