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Location: Toronto, Canada

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Posted:I will be travelling through the Boston area for the next several weeks and am looking for others to practice and get together with.

I am not from the USA and would like to learn new styles!

Please forward this to anyone you know from the Boston-area.


I enjoy Poi.

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Location: New York, USA

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Posted:from when to when?...do you have any specific itinerary as to when you'll be in boston...i only ask cuz i'm going up there at the end of the month..

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Posted:If you are coming to Boston... check out the NE_poi at Yahoogroups... we post our gatherings and such there. Also see Wildfire ( www.freedomthrufire.com ) with is a 2-3 day fire and drum camping weekend, with a heavy focus on spinning poi/staff/etc. Its a truely excellent time, and you should go.

See y'all when you come to Boston!