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Location: Toronto, Canada

I will be travelling through the Boston area for the next several weeks and am looking for others to practice and get together with.

I am not from the USA and would like to learn new styles!

Please forward this to anyone you know from the Boston-area.


I enjoy Poi.

fNifNiGOLD Member
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Location: New York, USA

from when to when? you have any specific itinerary as to when you'll be in boston...i only ask cuz i'm going up there at the end of the month..

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haptotropehaptotropeBRONZE Member
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Location: Boston, USA

If you are coming to Boston... check out the NE_poi at Yahoogroups... we post our gatherings and such there. Also see Wildfire ( ) with is a 2-3 day fire and drum camping weekend, with a heavy focus on spinning poi/staff/etc. Its a truely excellent time, and you should go.

See y'all when you come to Boston!

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