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Aurora (1/2 a firesister)GOLD Member
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Hey just wanted to hear what all you HOPpers are gettin' up to these just share something in ur life that you're excited 'bout or looking forward too...let's throw caution and modesty to the wind-feel free to name as many as you want

I'll go first. I've decided to do a 1 month intensive Yoga Teachers Training course. I'll be up in the mountains doing yoga for 4 hours a day...2-3 hours of meditation a day....1 hour of Karma 1-2 hour lectures. and if that wasn't enough excitement they'll also be an inaugurating of a temple while I'm there plus a huge festival will be taking place with more then 20,000 devotees to Swami Vishnu Divanada coming from around the world. My cup runneth over...normally this would prevent my sleep but even that is taking me on new journeys

Om Namah Sivaya

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Good for you sunspot

Me I'm geting really into Reiki at the moment and I'm meditating a lot more than I used to. Going travelling around Brazil with my g/friend in a month, seeing the Amazon at last and geting some scuba diving in as well on the North East. Can't wait!

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ValuraSILVER Member
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I love seeing the word Reiki on a message board
I have my lineage and have been doing quite a few attunements lately... Its a beautiful thing. Have been doing a Spirit warrior course also...learning how to recognise my personal power.
The latest developement in my life is,I quit my job to twirl. Crazy crazy girl Had a very well paying job in the city and had the whole city style thing going on.. but no longer is it to be!!!! YAY for me... I am now being true to myself and not working in the concrete jungle, instead I am doing readings in a shop here in brisbane and twirling for at least 3 hours a day .... life is there to be enjoyed I have decided..
Something sad that happened was that my little dog passed over... that kinda sucked... but I know that she is happy and not in pain now which is the main thing...
PLUS I saw Yoda cut sick on star wars... that little sucker can move!!!! I have been practising the Jedi mind trick... it is yet to work....

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well me:

This weekend i'll be spinning poi at a club with a friend in front of Keoki and some other big techno DJ's in Charlotte, NC with my friend and partner in crime, Glowshow. We've been working together on some small shows, and are getting more exposure and are starting to become a crew of 5 people now.

First week of july i'm going to virginia beach for 4-5 days with this girl i'm dating. SHe's really special to me, and said she wanted to go sometime, and JUST LAST WEEKEND, a friend offered us a place to stay and invited me to a free outdoor party near the beach on the 6th of july that i could do fire poi at. so, fireworks the 4th, club the 5th, party the 6th and recovery on the 7th!

29th of june i'm going to DJ Icey in my hometown of roanoke, mid july is keoki in roanoke (i think), a few other parties like monk and hybrid are coming near me, and another outdoor party that me and my friends are planning with a full drum circle, DJ's, kegs and camping.

fun summer eh?

Peace,Travis IM: frodus17

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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Well, I am back at Stanford for the summer doing molecular neurobiology research.

It's a really cool project. We're using electron microscopes to see small structures than anyone could ever see with electron microscopy before. What we're doing is taking a bunch of pictures of the same sample, but all at different angles so that we can use a computer to build up a 3-D image with about ten times better resolution than a normal electron microscope.

The resolution is so good that we can actually see large molecules.

The beautiful thing about this kind of biology is that it does not involve working with tiny amounts of liquid, operating on animals, or any other tedious and time-consuming laboratory work. It's just computer analysis of this really cool data. And the information we can get from it is scientifically...well...ground-breaking. I mean, we can see stuff that just months ago people had to use all sorts of indirect data and hand-waving to imagine.

So yeah, life right now is great.


Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

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Thistleold hand
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Wow everyone seems to be realising their true potential. That is so cool. I wonder if it's contagious?

I have recently started doing Wing Chun and I really love it. I have always wanted to do a martial art but never got around to it before. So I have finally achieved a long term goal.and this makes me happy.

I have been planting lots of flowers in my garden. I have also planted a herb garden and am going to start growing my own vegetables in the near future. I find it very rewarding to plant the seeds and watch them grow up, it gives me a sense of achievement.

I have stopped taking drugs and feel much happier and healthier for it. I am taking one day at a time and taking the time to smell the roses. For the first time in a long time I am happy to be exactly where I am, doing exactly what I'm doing.

Onelove, Thistlefirepixie

Are we nearly there yet?

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things are pretty $h!t at the mo... been working hour on hour and dont seem to be getting any credit for it... have been working on a really big joint project with the states and am getting done over by a complete lack of communication from them, and so am putting in loads of overtime to design around their in-ability to tell me anything
I have hayfever, which this year is trying to kill me, and all my mates are on holiday somewhere sunny. to make matters worse, I havent twirled anything since PIP London
other than that everythings ok... me and my cat are still alive, and I have started playing tennis again, which is a nice break from the computer... shame its nearly dark by the time I get to the courts! Have been trying to organise things, but they keep falling through, so hopefully have some better news next time we speak

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TwirlyVicnorthern monkey
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oh dear, where should i start? well thursday i start my new job so that i can save up for Australia (9th december wont hurry up!. Its in advertising and sounds like a lot of fun.

boyfriends birthday in a few days so gotta sort summat out for that.

Tuesday, we're off to glastonbury via salisbury to see some friends, back from there then performing at a club opening in newcastle on the 3rd july.

its not as exciting, or as spiritual as everyone else seems to be, but i'm happy.

oh and capoiera and street dance in september, and sorting out my forms to study in canada the year afer.

Arent i the boring little person lol!

vic xx

Then, its all good and happy until

ex-hop-aholic, now inconsistent lurker...

master sodiummember
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well, I am about to record my first album (yay), it's just a dj mix of some psy-trance, but a first album nonetheless. can't wait. as well as that I am producing my own style of psychedelic breaks (it doesn't sound right yet, but soon)

also tomorrow (wednesday) I try out for fire conclave. get to spin for crimson in person. also can't wait.

finally I am working towards becoming a man of knowledge. if any of you have read carlos castneda's "the teachings of don juan, a yaqui way of knowledge" and the rest of the series you'll know what I'm talking about, although I'm not following the exact same approach.

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I'm still in the middle of my alevels, but only 2 exams left so my life is begining to look a little brighter!
after my final exam i;m off to glastonbury fest!!a long weekend of spinning,dancing and drugz will be a wicked way to celebrate the end of 15yrs of education! woohoo!
when i get back im gonna b movin out with 3other mates,lived with my parents till now so i'm fully xcited!
then its a summer of wrk to save enuf cash so i can spend xmas in australia. experience is everything and i intend to make the most of my yrs b4 i get tied down to a job and a mortgage!
its so great to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

RoziSILVER Member
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Big changes.

I have quit my job and am searching for part-time/casual work.

When I have that sorted I am going to start writing articles for newspapers & magazines, freelance.

I am taking my certificate IV in training in July, which will take six weeks. And I hope after that to pick up training work at evening colleges (who knows, I could even teach staff & poi!!! )

In September I am taking a course in radio presenting and production at a local community radio station. I want to do a spot on mental health.

Basically my goal right now is to have a rich life, and a smile on my face. If I run our of money, I will try getting some voiceover work, or failing that will model for lifedrawing classes (but only when the weather gets a bit warmer, blue nipples not good )

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PeleBRONZE Member
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Well, after 5 years (pretty much) of distance dating Whipping Boy and I will be moving into a house together for the first time. We are actually pretty nervous about it. Alot of uncertainty and fear, but excitement as well.

Ummm...Planning to open a small business with some friends in September called "Bizaar". I will be selling my herbal wares (soaps and shampoos and stuff made from real herbs not pot! I have some great recipes if you like Thistle!)

I have a whole string of big performances coming up, the biggest ones I have had yet. I am so nervous! These are for HUGE festivals and companies in the area. I think that is what is most un-nerving, they are in teh area!

Starting Capoeira with my son in July.
Hopefully starting Circus classes in the fall for myself.
Teaching Belly Dance in July/August too, as well as attending as many hafla's as I can scurry my bum to.
I have been signed to two performance companies for the winter and fall.
Still trying to fit writing in there.

And, we keep adding new babies to our family!
In addition to our ball python, we received another ball, a red tailed boa, a chameleon and we will be getting a fat tailed gecko, a bearded dragon and a uromastyx all by the end of summer. (I got more heavily involved into reptile Rehab dontcha know!)

I am also focussing more on my health. Trying to drop a few pounds and tone and such...healthier living for longer living. I am really discovering that I love life, for the most part, and really want to be here as long as I can to torment all of my loved ones!

The absolute best thing about all this is that my family is becomming more comfortable and accepting with my choices, which is really bridging a huge rift between us. None of this would have happen without three people, the love and support of my friends throughout all my aspirations but most especially PWB, who refuses to let me give up or give in. Nor would it have happened without Malcolm Crawshay and Dangerboy who both have been such inspirations and kicks in my ass in many ways, there is not enough gratitude in my heart for all of them!

Congrats to all else in this thread (or just reading) who are taking the reigns and meeting even the smallest challenge with a smile and an open heart! Yay you!

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One week until school's over and then I'm off to see MY SWEETIE! Er.. ahem, I mean the always lovely Cassandra.

We gots big plans for the summer. Big Big Big plans. Which hopefully will include some of ya'll.

[Doing the "7 days til I see my girlfriend" dance...]

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

KatincaSee my vest.... see my vest...
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Location: Adelaide - South Australia


Josh and I are moving to the UK in a few weeks. We are just finishing off stuff here first. Pretty hectic as, we are leaving on the 6th July, and finish work on the 5th crazy, but hey? We’re crazy kids.

We are going to be staying in Manchester there for about 10 days, staying with Heather Feather..

Then were are off to Germany for 2 weeks, going to a few Psy-Trance festivals there, then we are going to make an epic journey to Bulgaria, through Austria, Solvakia, Hungary, Romania. We will be in Bulgaria for a week and a bit going to a festival there, then to Greece for a week and a bit going to a festival on an island (Samothraki Dance festival) then back to Manchester to try and get a job, and replenish the cashola. And from there who knows, but we will be in that area or London area for quite a while.

So………….HOPers in London, Manchester area, would love to meet you and have a spin with you and hang out.

We are nice, fun loving, people *batters eyelashes* and we don’t bite either.

Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~

SmallBoy - xCarpal \'Tunnel
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Location: London

I'm only posting because I want to hear what everyone else is doing, but "Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnn", my life's going nowehere compared to some of you's.
I'm spinning fire, and I'm working still.
I'm trying to get my second mortgage (buy-to-let) so that I'll be retired by 40 etc....
I'll be organising some rave parties by the end of the year, because I'm fed up with trying to find them at the last minute.
Thinking of getting back into Martial Arts but to be honest I don't think I can be arsed, it has been 4 years now............
Smoking up lots (which is getting worrying), and currently trying to avoid a 40 year old stalker.
(Fucking woman is old enough to be my mum).
Raving HARD baby.............well once a month anyway.
Other than that, just trying to meet some sexy 19 year old spinny type girls that want lots of sex. Fuck everything else eh?

Small Lardy Person In Disguise

IdubIHoP Lurker
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I'm planning on reducing the amount of time I sit at work and surf the net, I am trying to make my job data entry as opposed cr*p web design. That way I can prob spend 2/3 days a week, doing that and earn enough to pay my rent and house keeping, maybe even a few bills.

That way I can concentrate on my plan to setup a fire performance company. (my plan being a whole 14 days old and only 3 days old in a realistic form, I've been poing for less than 3 weeks, lol).

Want to be able to do parties/school groups(training and display)/corporate stuff/festivals that sort of thing.

I wanna start my own business basically, but I'm not giving away my (really obvious) ideas in case anyone steals them .

only joking btw

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*scurries off to reconsider life directions*

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Hmmmmmmm, well I'm currently a bit all over the place.

Back in Preston at the moment but I'm moving back to Scotland on July 13th, into a new flat, so I've got that to look forward too. I'm going to make my own little fairy glen! ooooooo!

Erm, then ofcourse the world known Edinburgh Fringe Festival is on so I'm working during that to earn lots of cash so I can go and meet up with everyone on here. I've been promising Spiral, and Ros a visit for ages but haven't had the spare time of cash to do so. So that is my first aim.
I'm also spinning at one of the Edinburgh venues during the festival, so that will be fun. AND i'm doing a performance for it, so I go into full time rehearsals in mid July.
As I've recently split up with my man of almost 3 years, I kind of have many things I want to do that I didn't do before. Kind of feeling liberated at present. I want an adventure. Some personal experience; spending a lot of time with me to try and sort things out. So many things I want to do.....

Apart from that I have no plans, although I WILL get a late flight somewhere and go on holiday somewhere warm, with a beach and a bar. Yes Yes.

Got to finish designing some tattoos too.
So yeah, thats me........

then I start back at drama school at the end of September. No rest for the wicked!
Mwa! Dibs xxx

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Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love aren't we already there? If there is someone willing to show, and there is someone willing to see; magic happens. This is whem humans are alive. This is when the wingless fly.

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I signed up to Michel's intermediate poi course the other day, which made me happy.

I'm meeting up with some people I know off another BB tomorrow which will be interesting. It's a travel writing BB (, just to plug it!) and most of them have written a few stories and put up a few photos, so I don't feel as insecure about it as I might otherwise.

Glasto, Glasto, Glasto, Glasto! Looking forward to spinning with you guys there!

A little sadness... some of my friends have been booking lots of exciting holidays... to Paris and Rome and I can't afford to go but the main reason I can't afford to go is that I'm going to Ireland for three weeks in September, so it's just that I feel a little left out of the excitement.

As some of you may know, there are huge numbers of antipodeans in London, and because I've been here for so long, a lot of my friends have done their stint and headed home again so we keep in touch with a website and by email, and we've just created a knitting club! 7 of us are going to knit one 20cm x 20cm square for each of the others and they're going to be made up into scarves. I'm also crocheting a house blanket with one of my housemates, but as neither of us are particularly good at crochet, and the whole thing is entirely unplanned, it's looking pretty ugly!

Also, we're having a party at my house tomorrow... a bolleywood party, so we're all getting dressed up in Indian clothes (I live in Wembley, so there are heaps of punjab suits and saris in the second hand shops!).

I would LIKE to get to more HOP events, but I guess, looking at this list, I am pretty busy, so it isn't surprising I haven't got to very many so far!

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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Life? Whats a life? I dont have a life!

Ohhhh that life ya well umm umm Ohh my birthday is next months, a few weeks after that I am meeting some web friends in Vegas. But other than that nothing really.

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Wow, you guys are doing some amazing things!

Me.... Well, I've returned to the home of poi after a long hiatus from twirling to find inspiration and motivation. This thread has helped a lot.

My partner and I had our little boy Jett six months ago. He's been keeping me pretty busy. I've had a few twirls over the last couple of months but haven't rediscovered my passion as yet. I plan to. I have six more months at home with Jett before I return to work. During that time I'm going to make sure I make time for myself and firedancing. I don't want to become 'Jett's Mum'.

I want to continue being 'Finn'. And.... Finn is a firedancer.

So, I'll be joining Frenzie, Dangerboy and FlashFire at the park more often, and making more of an effort to practice whenever I get a spare few minutes. (Man... this sounds like an affirmation!)

That's it.... for now!

Great thread.

Love and Light,


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well, i've finally got a nice summer job. i still need like a night a week bussing tables or something but i'm hoping for the best. I'm working as a mix of receptionist, kennel help and vet tech at a small animal hospital nearby, and i knew the two doctors back when i was very young, so it's kind of cool.

i'm going to santa cruz for school thsi fall!!!!!!
whoo hoo!

everyoen told me i couldn't go but i'm going going going *whistles happily*

and i've made some more peace with different things in my life, so much is well. i quite owe some people some time and favors tho.

this'll be a busy summer but quite fun, and much spinnin' !

ah, lurvely.....

Peace & Love

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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boring job (still) in city - i rave/club less cus of that small thing called love.
quit smoking and quit Smoking so that they not cloud the astral work I'm undertaking. reducing rave pharmaceutical ingestion has increased my alcohol consumption. Planning to backpack at end of the year to hijack HoP fire gatherings I still firetwirl 2-3 times a week, take gymnastics course and am thinking my agility is now good enuff to Join the Hawthorn Afro-Brasil Capoeira school. Getting into bastarding Shaolin weapons into dangerous firetoys. Yay Jamiroquai is coming back! waiting for days to get longer so that warm weather returns to reignite the pyrodancers in Melbourne.
that is all, return to your lives !

Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always

KaliBRONZE Member
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Location: Berlin, Germany

I am in Prague right now, backpacking through Europe. Will be heading over to the UK in about a week or so. Will be at European juggling convention. Trying to get all my transfer stuff in order because I'm chaning schools in the fall. No small task when you are so far away with no head for dates and especially deadlines. Oh well.

Other than that, just taking some long overdue vacation time and enjoying the scenary.

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Fwirl :pmember
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last night I went to see Minority Report at the cinema. The one with Tom Cruise in it. I came out of that film with a totally different prespective on everything, especially things like the system. I recommend it, very philosical really,now I think so different its amazing!!! Go see it with someone who you can have amazing conversations with cause when you come out you'll question and prod trust me!!! dam, what a good report! hahaha. Swing on,
luv 2 ya all,

Neo:Wow, that sounds like a really good deal, but I have a better one. How about I give you the finger and you give me my phone call?

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jsut worked the glastonbury festival as part of the stilt outfit 'the en-enheightened ones'

& have been in the new harry potter movie-playing an evil wizard-does evil eye look-unconvincingly

i`m in the year of direction and hopefully am going to be in england this summer and be friend visiting -as for the last few summers i`ve been performing around europe- and being of the hibernating type - i miss friends when i`m awake in the sunshine !!! - not this year tho...

i`m back into my creative mode and recently wrote a poem,thought of a joke(very rare) and drew a picture as well as sewing lots and making fire-poi for sale
sale now on !!! tested to orange standards

lydia saw minority report too -last night - clever film - i like - need more light sabre`s tho` and a couple of hover bikes ooh and maybe a little dude doing mad-stuff- without setting his ear-hair on fire
- and cut - thats a ra-ra-rap folks

exits stage left - smiling from inside

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Location: mesa, arizona

- i am working at the university of phoenix in phoenix, az(#1 adult private university in the world i do believe, if you've never heard of it)
- my boyfriend (lightbug) and i are going to spin next weekend at ***Starry Nights*** which is going to be a HUDGE outdoor summer rave in Tucson, Arizona.
- i just went to target and aquired more x-mas lights!!! i got these neat wire dragron flies with lights in them.
- ummm, oh yeah, and my cats are getting fatter by the second...
so there, that's what i'm doing besides sitting here working!

-ivy. = ^ )

Ralph, jesus did not have wheels.--sunday school teacher, the simpsons

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