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Here's a topic that I don't think I've seen discussed..

I've noticed that quite a few fire twirlers have all sorts of tricks for saving money on building poi. I don't know if its a pride thing of "Hey look I made this chain and strap out of stuff I found in the garbage" or a totally unnecessary thriftyness...

I don't mean to sound superficial or rich (because I don't think of myself as either) but I really don't see any reason for cutting corners on the fire poi itself. A NICE, STURDY set of fire poi, with cathedral wicks, ball chain, and leather straps can be made for around $20. Mine are coming up on their first birthday and they're still looking fine. In a hobby that costs about a buck a burn or more, you're easily spending a few hundred dollars a year on fuel. Why not spend the extra few dollars to make (or buy) a decent set of poi?

Important aside, I know that there are some people out there who $20 is a decent amount of money. This is certainly no judgement on them. I'm just referring to those that are showing up to burns with top notch cellphones and digital cameras who won't spend A BUCK for a decent set of quick links "because you can get keyrings for $0.17"..

Perhaps I'm just advocating shifting money from fuel (burn a few less times) to improving the safety of your equiptment (buy the dang ball chain)

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I totally agree. i've seen cheaply made poi come apart and become a fire hazard. it happened to me when a wick went flying, it had just gone out so I didn't see where it went until it lit up again after it landed.

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I bought my chains off of this site. I figure I work for ma money why not get myself a sweet ass pair (which they are indeed ).

But I made a promise to myself never to own a cellphone or a car (for reason's other then the money) I save money that way anyways..which means I have more money for mo toys and activities

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Yis I agree with your view, but I myself have a cheap homemade set of chains. The reason is b/c my parents will not let me buy a set over the net from HoP,and there are no places in Canada to buy poi sets as of yet.

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I bought mine purely because, as the inexperience spinner I was, I didn't want to make myself a dodgy set and have them fall apart on me, die out quickly, be weighted unevenly etc etc etc.

Maybe I'll make new wicks when my Kevlar dies, because by that time, I will be a poor student, living in London with pasta for every meal and reading 2nd hand books.

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From an accounting perspective, Fyretoys can be seen as an investment that depreciates with every use. No set lasts forever.
That said, a crap set of poi is like a small bag of lollies: it's not long before you use it up and need a new bag.
a kickass set is the family sized lolly bag that even the cousins get to dig into.
The crap set will be cheaper per toy - but will necessitate more toys. Which is the better value?
Also, pride is an intangible asset that is often overlooked in poi accounting. Do you care about value if you adore your personally created masterpiece or lavish PureFlame set?
Poi? Personal hygeine? a Jedi craves not these things!

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I made my first set because I wanted to make them and know this was something I wanted to do for a long term before I invested in a more costly set, so to speak. In this respect, I understand the cost effeciency. HOWEVER, my lovely NYC, you know me and you know I did not make them cheaply. I still use my original chains (dog choke chains approved for over 200 lbs of pressure) and my handles which I sewed myself out of deerhide. The only thing I did not feel secure enough in making myself for the long term was the wicks, which I purchased from Adam Rice, which have held up magnificently over the year(s??).
They can be made to be just as safe as the purchased ones with time, care and forethought.

Unfortunately many aren't putting that effort into them and so I agree, the "randomly slapped together look what I did ghetto poi" should be condemned, especially in the scope of people who wear designer clothes to spin in! Yet, then again, lessons will be learned when one flies off and creates a nasty fire somewhere.

BTW, side note, enjoy your summer vacation NYC. And Congrats, you lived through another, and possibly the hardest year to be a teacher in the Big, Baked Apple!

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