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Posted:This message is for the New York spinners around. I am going to NYC next week for wednesday (3/7) to sunday (3/11). Do you guys know where I could spin fire safely? Does anyone want to get together with me and spin (fire or non fire)? Also, someone mentionned here a while ago (and i can't find it) some kind of wholesale store where they sell really cheap glowsticks. Does that refresh anybody's memory?....Last thing, does anyone know of a cool club where i could spin glowsticks (not a performance, just for fun)? I know "the tunnel", anything else in that category?Thanks in advance!NomadPS: I'll be staying in Manhattan.[This message has been edited by Nomad (edited 04 March 2001).]

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Posted:Too nervous to spin in public still....
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I'll get there one day!!! Ummm you could try Exit on 56th. I saw a girl spinning a few days ago during the early hours of the club (just opened) Your best bet is the Tunnel though. Meow!


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Posted:you could try limelite or TWILO... which is quite hot! but those are usually weekend clubs.. anywhere you go in the city... can turn pretty hot!! have fun!! coll