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Posted:I bought some fire poi off this sight and they came the other day but I've got a couple of probles with them. Firstly the handles irritate my hands, I've tryed wearing gloves but that makes it much more difficult to spin. I've thought about tieing a sock or something on the end or sowing something onto the handles. Any ideas?

The other problem is that they are slightly too light. This is my first pair of fire poi and i've never done fire before. Will the weight increase much with fuel? And any suggestions for a first time burner?


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Posted:if you aren't vegan, you could try replacing the plastic with leather. What is the nature of the irritation? is it tightness? perhaps you could do well by trying a wide single loop of material!

Whether soaked poi are significantly heavier is a matter of opinion. My guess is that having light poi will minimise the amount of mass gained when soaked. If your poi head are interchangeable, perhaps you could just buy 4" heads to change into.

Personally i don't care about 'curing' wicks cus i mistreat my toys like a rented mule and can't tell the difference.

good luck buddy!

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Posted:My fire wicks have heavy woven webbing loops which suck sick through a short straw. I got a length of leather and pop-riveted it into a double loop which has held up for 2 years without problems.

Soak your wick and spin it without lighting it to see if you like the weight. Obviously they get lighter as they burn but as that's gradual and you don't notice it.

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Posted:There's another thread in the 'help' section about this, I think it's titled something like "my hands!" confused2 , it may be a lot further down (ie on another page) but it's worth a look. It talks about stuff you can do to prevent soreness and what you can do to cure soreness devil

I dunno what you can do about the weight, I've never heard of fire poi being too light, what were you using before? Bricks? umm

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:hmm IMHO, bricks are nasty cus they leave geometric stains on my dress.
chiffon = hard to wash!

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:i hope you are referring to the dress comments and not my chequered history of venereal diseases(!)

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