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My friend and I are thinking of spending our summer holidays fruit picking to earn some money, get fit and to generally have a bit of fun.
we are thinking we might make it our "Schoolies" celebrations and then hanging around to work for as long as we can manage. we see it as giving us a bit of independence (we would have to manage our finances and everything) and, like i said, a bit of fun (despite the hard work that everyone tells me fruit picking is, but we're ok with that)

has anyone had any experience with this? and do you have any advice about where to go? or other advice in general?
we are pretty much limited to victoria, but if anyone knows anywhere really good elsewhere that isnt too far away, feel free to add that too!

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yer its hard work, but it is rewarding, go victoria, why go anywhere else

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eh well picking isnt picking neccessarily. Some fruit are really hard like Lemons which have a spiky tree which rips you to shreds, and you fill sacks which are heavy. then there are easier ones like Cherries (which I picked last summer) which are relatively easy work. Still even with Cherrys there are plenty of ppl who start and dont come back the next day cuz its too hard for them.

Also some places pay per hour, and some places pay per weight / bucket / etc.

So yeah - it can be good, it can also be crap. Apparently eggplant is really bad, but I dont think they are grown in Vic.

good luck,


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Found the following on

Details are on the site on how to contact them.

Maybe google "fruit picking" and check out the results??

Or check out notice board at the local backpackers maybe?

Or i've also listed names of companies in Victoria, with type of fruit and months of picking, and you could contact them direct (grab a white pages) and see if they can give you more details?

I work for SPC Ardmona and we have factories is Goulburn Valley, Kyrabram and Mooropna in Victoria, but unfortunatly this is my last week so i can't really help you out frown


Trisome Orchards In Adelong NSW Need Pickers From The Beginning Of November Until Xmas

10/12 active and enthusiastic people are wanted to pick Cherries, Nectarines, Apples And Figs.There is some packing work available for those who prefer to work in the shade.

Pay is by piece rate except for figs which are paid hourly.

Accommodation is available at a camping sites and a hostel in the nearby town and transport to and from work is provided for those that need it.


R J Cornish Are Looking For Pickers To Assist With Our Crop Of Pears, Peaches And Apples

We are located in Cobram which is a country town on the Murray River in northern Victoria, Australia

The harvest is likely to start in late January and extend to mid to late March

We offer good working conditions and the chance to get fit and healthy at the same time.

Work will be available Monday to Friday (weather and crop permitting) with the strong possibility of Sunday work. Please note we cannot employ persons for weekends only or for very short periods of time.

Accommodation Is Available


Town - Type of Fruit - Picking Months

Ardmona Pears, Peaches, Tomatoes February-April

Cobram Pears, Peaches, Apricots January-March

Dalmore Asparagus September-November

Emerald Flowers, Flower bulbs January-March

Eucha Strawberries, Tomatoes October-December

Healesville Cherries, Berries January-February

Invegordon Pears, Peaches January-March

Kiewa Valley Tobacco January-April

Kyabram Pears, Peaches October, December-April

Lake Boga Grapes February-March

Main Ridge Apples March

Mildura Grapes, Citrus fruit January-February

Nyah Grapes January-March

Ovens Valley Tobacco January-April

Robinvale Grapes January-April

Rochester Tomatoes February-April

Rosebud Apples March-April

Shepparton Pears, Peaches, Apples January-April

Silvan Cherries, Berries October-February

Sunraysia Grapes February-April

Swan Hill Grapes February-April

Tatura Pears, Peaches January-April

Tongala Tomatoes February-April

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