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Posted:I was spinning with fire for the first time the other day, and I was using a natural fiber wick, and when the fuel ran out the Poi became very light and non controllable, and i caught my weave on fire!!! I am looking to buy kevlar wicks but they are so costly especially for a newbie like me, on ebay there is kevlar fabric for sale , woudl this work?, could i make a wick out of this? redface

spinning , and i caught my weave on fire!

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Posted:I haven't tried using straight kevlar so I don't know if this would be good or not. I think that wicking is actually a blend of kevlar and cotton to get the best burning results.
Perhaps you should just shop around and buy real wick. You can pick it up relatively cheaply if you look for it and you don't need that much for a set of Poi. Wrap as little as 25cm around each Poi and you will have a safe fire toy! remember that if you want to learn something like Fire Twirling, Safety needs to come first, even if it is a little more expensive.


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Posted:wavehello ....well how much is you're natuaral fibre wick costing you (as well as the time and effort to put new ones on every burn) ...It really is worth buying the good stuff... it lasts for ages, you don't need to rewick it every burn or two, and most importantly is SO much safer... maybe just use ribbon/sparkle/glow sticks/poi 'till you can afford it smile (or hint to your friends for your birthday or christmas wink) As Eveish was saying, good wick is a blend of kevlar and cotten... the cotten obsorbs the fuel, but the kevlar stops it from burning away (or flaking off and setting things alight eek) so the kevlar fabric... is probablly great for a Fire Blanket ...but will not be as good as the cotten/kevlar woven blend for your Poi smile

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Posted:.... and wear a hat


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Posted:ditto or a head wrap. Make sure it's made of natural fibers. Don't use polyseter, rayon, nylon etc. It will melt into your hair/head. biggrin

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