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Posted:Its just psycho ubblol iv been trying to watch every video ever made and everytime i get near seeing them all some b@stard brings out another one wink Its never ending and at 56k its a censored nightmare biggrin

So how many of you can honestly say "iv seen every video at hop".. Cause im sure some of you broadband users would have.

Iv downloaded so many that now my gurl friend say im a poi'n addict ubblol

I should start a poi'n addicts anonymous I vote Dantana be the president wink

Dan for president! lolsign

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Posted:I'm nominating Bender!

He has some of my videos that even _ I _ don't have. hug

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Posted:I would love to see some of the vids, but I cant get them to work, which really sucks.
But yeah, some people around here do need a Poi Addicts Annonymous



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Posted:While I don't have any videos before my join date. . .

I will admit to having like 800mb's of Videos from HOP biggrin

Maybe more. . . got a few 1/2 filled CD's :P


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Posted:I's got about 5 Gigs, about 4 Gig was publicly available at some point, the others personal.
I am on dial up, but i use flashget. Some videos i just can't get properly, like the cube and trident videos.
I'd offer to burn em to some dvds but ima not sure about the copyrights.

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