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Posted:Well, I finally found myself in Australia, but I seem to be in a remote region called the Northern Territory in and around the Katherine / R.A.A.F. base Tindal. Is there anything to do in this area?

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Posted:Greetings and welcome to Australia
Never been to the Northern Territory myself. The only exciting things I know about in the NT is a big red rock (Uluru) and crocs.
Not much else but dirt I think. If you wanna really see Australia you should start making your way to the east or west coast cos there's not much inbeetween but rednecks, beer and dust.
Just learn to say mate with an Aussie twang and you'll be sweet.
Hope you have a great stay and may the best of energies be with you.

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Posted:Thanks Majik,
So far I don't think I've quite picked up all of the Aussie twang yet, but I have had someone (an american) tell me I had the accent right right after I told him he had it all jacked up. He was trying to sound Australian, I was trying not to. go figure.
At this point I can usually understand all of what's being said to me on the first try, but when an Aboriginal talks to me it seems to be a little more difficult.
I've seen alot of dirt, and some crocodile souvenirs, but no actual crocs yet (I've got 6 weeks, I've got to save something for later ;-) ) I'll have to look into Uluru though.
I am curious as to why the soil is so red, is there an abnormally high Iron content?
Well, I gotta get goin,
Take care,


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Posted:Is there anything to do in this area?

The Territory is another country, and Im sure the locals will lead you astray.

Katherine Gorge is an adventure, I think you can canoeing through the gorges. Im not sure of distances anymore, but other places to visit would be Butterfly Gorge, Douglas Hot Springs, Daily River and Mataranka hot springs.

If you get up to Darwin check out Kakadu and Lichfield National parks. Kakadu has some incredible rock art and great natural features like JimJim and Twin falls. Kakadu is amazing, especially at the end of the dry season when all the birds congregate on the remaining waters.

smile have fun smile

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Posted:wooo you are in NT! I used to live there, it's ace, although Tindal is in the middle of no where.... hmm

Definately get to litchfield park, although I'm going to point out MY fave places there are Buleys rock holes and Florence falls. They are just beautiful, also check out the magnetic anthills, they are weird!!!

Katherine Gorge is a blast to canoe up, it will take you a whole day and please please dont forget to slather yourself repeatedly with sunscreen. I forgot once and paid for it....

If you can grab a lift up to Darwin itself, then try for a thursday night and head to Salamanca Markets! Lots of local colour, great GREAT food and fire spinning too!!! Do try the honey puffs at the greek stall, and a laksa, and a 100% fruit banana icecream! The city itself is fun to wander around, especially the mall, lots of crazy little shops all over. Or if big shopping center stuff is more your thing, Casuarina Shopping Square is good to wander around or see a movie or whatever.

If you want to see the OTHER sort of wildlife (not just the consumers wink ) try to get to the NT Wildlife Park, its near the turnoff for Litchfield and they have oodles of aussie wildlife to gawk at.

there are other spinners up in Darwin, its a little quiet heading south through the NT tho, but if you get in contact with Jimba, she should be able to tell you whats happening on the local scene smile

Best of luck! ooxxoxox

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Posted:Wow, sounds like NT isn't quite as desolate as I was lead to believe. I did make it up to Darwin this weekend, I saw a van that had something painted on the side and they had fire poi on display outside of it, but I didn't have a chance to stop just then.
Sounds like they are setting up trips to Katherine gorge and Litchfield National park already, so I'm going to try to get in on both of those.
I saw advertisements for backpacker tours heading to Kakadu, how far out is that from Darwin or Tindal?
The Salamanca Markets sound fascinating, but due to the workload down here I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it up on a thursday. I'm definately going to have to try though.
Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate the pointers.
Take Care,

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Posted:head out east or west, theres heaps to do, if you can get to broome for shinju matsuri it rocks. try and get there, it should be late august, enjoy

welcome back to kermits mad land.

wont you join my teaparty.


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Posted:the bottom part of nt is pretty bare. and all the beer up there sucks.

however, when you go to places like those mentioned, its damned impressive. and see if you can get a joyflight over the bungle-bungles.

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Posted:Well Everyone the time for me to depart Australia is drawing near, So I just wanted to stop by quickly and say thanks for all the advice, I think my highlights were the Cutta Cutta Caves and the Jumping Crocodiles.
Thanks again,

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Posted:Take care and come back soon. Next time closer to the Mid-east coast.


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