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theres so many amazing people out there = who do you admire, respect above all others??

howard marks has my vote - who else could get thru a potential 27yrs in a high security prison knowing it was all for the sake of smuggling harmless dope!? for those who havn't heard of the guy, he's the most infamous cannabis smuggler in england - he smuggled the largest amount of weed into britain than anyone of his time and unsurprisingly spent a large part of his life hiding from the police... until he was busted whilst abroad and sent to an high security prison.
saw him at a talk in november,the soundest guy ive ever met! he sat at the front of the stage with a table full of drink getting steadily more pissed as he rambled on about his years of smuggling and stories from prison! at the end he pulled a nice looking joint from his shirt pocket and smoked it in front of an admiring crowd of stoners!! can there be a better job than to get paid for getting wasted!?? obviously this is simialr to his old one but at least this is legal!!
anyone who hasn't read mr nice definitly should, highly recomended.

can think of more great people but ive rambled enuf! respect to mr nice!!

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two people.

first I respect my father the most. he did have to put up with my stubborn ass for 18 years so that dfeserves alot of respect.

secondly is maynard james keenan from tool, for his poetic ability. if given the chance I would have to drink his blood hoping some of his talent would find its way into my brain.

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Professor Robert Sapolsky at Stanford. The most amazing teacher I ever had. He inspired me to find awe in everyday things. He challenged me to carefully examine beliefs that I had held for all my life, and the result was that a lot of them got toppled. But the most important lesson he taught me was the importance of always trying new things as the secret to youth.

My high school swim coach, Mike Lane. A father-figure, he was intimidating and scary, and yet caring and compassionate. He challenged each of us to give everything we had, but never tried to demand that we exceed our limits.

Dr. Andrew Weil, who has shown me that viewing things in a neutral, balanced way, often shows you that the orthodoxy may be right, but that other views may be right, too.


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My idol is Chuck Close who is a painter from New York who was almost completely paralized from the neck down when an artery collapsed in his spine in the late 80's. He still continues to paint huge mural like portraits despite his physical condition. Everytime I get in one of my artistic funks I think about him...he is represented by the PACE gallery in New York if anyone wants to check out his work...I believe his work is featured on the MoMA website too.
Oh, and the late great Robert Mapplethorp who consistantly pushed the envelope with his photography.

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i always thought Perry Farrell was pretty cool.

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I really don't believe in idols or heros, personally. I tend to think that by idolizing someone you limit yourself by placing unneccesary boundries in your creative path.

But if someone was holding a gun to my head and I had to choose, Jack Kerouac would be the closest I could come up with.

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Ron Jeremy lol jk

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Ron Jeremy has nothing on John Holmes.

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My mother, cus if ya knew how hard her life was, you'd be amazed that she's one of the most generous people out there.
My father for risking everything in fleeing to Australia.
My mate Drea, for proving to me that living true to right convictions need not be severe, that it can be lived gracefully - an inspiration and a peer all in one. It's just a shame we were not born siblings.
And the rest! Bill Hicks, Frank Herbert, Angelina Jolie, Mick Molloy, Max Cavalera, Malcolm Crawshay, Earthdreamer, Tjoni, and all the other people you'd usually find at the back of the CD sleeve!

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who do you admire, respect above all others??

That would be me!
Only way to live you life

I also like Bender's mum

Alienfox x x

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Originally posted by Alienfox:
I also like Bender's mum
one of the most defining momemnts of my life from those people: I was like 7, when my mother was approached by a derelict when we were shopping, she patiently heard out his story then gave him enough for several lunches - at that instant in my life i became a consciously generous person.
findinf my dad at the last moment at his first Anzac march at the head of the Vietnam vets Red Berets - he was the banner wielder! Earthdreamer, Tjoni and Malcolm are also fellow fire spirits whose generosity and sweet nature are indeniably inspiring.
Drea, when everyone was at the too-fucked up stage of a psy-bushdoof, she still wanted to go to a refugee rally in the city - wow!

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Sorry to be an ignorant Yank, but
What's a psy-bushdoof? Sounds like some kind of rave/LSD party or some such...

As for idols, for me they are not neccesarily the people i like the best or whose work i like the best, they're ones most inspiring to me, whom i admire and wish to emulate.
Music -
Perry Farrell
Kate Bush
Amy -n- Emily
Writing -
Jonathon Carroll
William Gibson
Susan Conant
Cynthia Heimel
Life -
My oldest sister
My mom
My best friend
Mother Teresa
All-around -
My oldest sister's husband (Can write perfect computer code, build a stucture, plumb and wire the structure, make furniture for it, cook a 7-course Thai banquet and play violin like a dream while you eat. As far as i can tell, the only thing he can't do is dance. Oh, and reads aloud like a pro, the man could do books on tape. Does all the different voices and everything).
An old bf who speaks 7 languages (mutters in Russian when drunk), makes his own historic period costumes, knives and swords, jewelry, and was last seen heading for Sandhurst to get his Ph.D in Military History. Oh and he was on the Canadian Icedancing team at the Calgary Olympics, and gives great massage.
my cat, because he loves without judgement or reserve.

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The Late Terrence Mckenna, and I dont idolism him, just respect his ideas

Thistleold hand
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i'm not into idolization but got great respect for:

Nelson Mandella

Julius Nyerere (former president of Tanzania)

Timothy Leary

Howard marx

Billy Connolly

Germain Greer

Bridget, who's ablity to triumph over adversity i am in awe of. She broke her neck and is paralysed but lives the most amazing full life, travels the world, just completed a degree and is an inpiration to me.

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I too have a problem with the word 'idol', but there are many people I admire. And far from being limiting, the respect and admiration I hold for these people has proven to inspiring on many levels....
First of all, Mom and Dad. Although they were hard times, I couldn't have had a more loving upbringing..
Musically, MAYNARD James Keenan, has already been mentioned I think, he truely is da man.
Marilyn Manson and Eminem, for their shear nihilism, and drive towards a common goal in two very different worlds.
And the late Bradly Nowel of Sublime, for being the greatest professional garage performer ever.. rest in beer Brad
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Literature, Gotta shout out too Tim Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Our man LaVey, and Grant Morrisson for wetting my comic book appitite, thoroughly
Others.. Bill Hicks ofcoarse, polital comedies greatest loss...Angelina Jolie and Jonny Depp, for bein ass kicking bitchiz,
our Mr Glass, any of u who've seen him in action will know why..
And last, but by no means least,

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No matter how many amazing people there are in the world, we must never lose sight of how amazing we, as individuals are. Think back to all the shit you've come through and give urself a pat on the back. No regrets, for you are who u are because of where you've been...
You're all fantastic, so know it, and love it!

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I dont really idolize people either, but I have much love and respect for my dance teachers Nzingha Camara and Michael Skelton. And people like Mother Jones, Asata Shakura, and Mumia Abu Jamal also get loads of admiration for their fighting spirits. Pretty much anyone that I feel doesnt compromise their ideals and sense of right and wrong for anything. Oh, and pretty much everyone two generations ago on my dads side of the family because they survived concentration camps and the Israeli freedom war. I dont respect everything they did to do so, but I dorespect the courage and dedication that it took for them to do it. Thats about it for now.

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Well, from a distance (ie, I don't know these people, I've just heard about them!) firstly, Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, and secondly Bill Mollison who developed the permaculture concept. Both these people have thought laterally to create institutions which make a real difference to people's lives WITHIN the current global political economy. It can be done, provided the will is there. A little less hypocrisy from us in the West would help as well. Laurens van der Post for teaching me through his writing that "The story is like the wind... It comes from a far off place and we hear it". There is poetry everywhere, we just have to see/hear/taste/smell/touch/sixth sense it.

Personally, my parents and my teacher when I was 10 who all taught me to think for myself, and my father for teaching me how NOT to get emotionally involved in arguments and debates.

And a lot of different friends have made me see different things about them - happeniness, contentment, commitment - which I may not necessarily have learned from them very successfully, but at least I know about them!

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I've sat in front of this computer now for a few minutes thinking, who do I look up to...

And in the begining I thought, there really isn't anyone who has really made a big part in my life, I mean, I was kicked out, cheated on, fired, and pretty much left for dead...

This didn't really make me feel so great, and I knew there had to be something... someone who has been there... who's made me think, heck I wanna do that.

So I've thought hard and it hurt like crazy but the people who have made the most difference in my life are:

Bender... for the much kindred idiocy... I had to, you were the first one to open the gates of Melbourne twirling, raving, and life... In Queensland, I may have lost a family... but in Melbourne, I gained a brother.

Stevil... you opened your home to me... turned on the tv and even started the car... I've never forgoten the first time we meet... and I never will.

Drea... With you going back home, I didn't really want to get to close to you, and that would sound so harsh, but hear me out, your the type of girl who no matter what can give anyone a smile... be it what you do to your hair, the things you say, the way you just don't give a damn what people think, that's beutiful, never let that go... and plus your the first girl to give everything your doing up and dance the tango...

earthdreamer... your beutiful... that really sums it up... the way you handle your poi... the way you act around people... and the way you look like a soft little teddy bear...

Kyrian... The days which have passed where I have done nothing but talk to you, opened up to you... I'm thankful...

DarkFairyQueen... those words... those smiles... ooooh... I just shiver at the thought. But really... Your words make me smile, and your picture makes me glow... hang on a sec!!!

So these are the people who I look up to... that you would know... I love them all... and I can't think what it would have been like if I never started twirling, and never found this site...

oh... and I'm thankful to my Mum... she really has done alot for me in the past... I guess she should have gone first... but.


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Nice thread, very interesting...

Who do I idolise? Amongst many others they include...

John Lennon
My old headmaster (for teaching us manners/considerateness)
My Parents
Matsuko Usui (creator of Reiki)
Mother Theresa
My Uncle (for defending and winning the huge legal Greenpeace nuclear arms case)

The list could go on.

Respect going out to all those who idolise their family, that's the type of glue that keeps this World spinning round...

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Admire and Respect, these individuals being a personal inspiration to me....

Joan of Arc
Bridget Bishop
Malcolm Crawshay, for things way beyond the context of this site or spinning at all
Queen Elizabeth 1

hmmmm....there are many people I admire and respect, though I idolize no one. I think, for the most part, I respect and admire anyone who lives passionately and has unfaltering conviction.
Those, to me, are the traits that make someone truly great. Anyone can follow along and do what everyone else is doing because it is "cool", anyone can mimic and copy, but those who create and blaze the trail, who stare into the face of adversity and unemploy fear, these are the ones most deserving of admiration in my life.

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