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Hullo, this is mainly to say that I won't be posting as frequently as I used to because I have a new job! It all happened pretty quickly, I went to a job agency and she took my details for a job she only got in that morning and ran off a CV, sent it to them, I had the interview two days later, after much panicking and running around trying to buy a suit long enough for me ubbangel
Everyone feels like they screwed up the interview after they get out and I really did.... but apparently I didn't! and about 3 hours later the agency called me up telling me they wanted me to start monday, so I've now been there a week, basic training with very confusing numbers and computer screens.

I work for a company that recycles scrap metal and is "an important part of England's economy" (quote courtesy of one of the traders) It's a good company if a bit biased in employee treatment and I think it's a good opportunity for me to see how these things work and my boss said that if later on they realise I have a nack or a flare for trading they'd fully support me in a rise onto the platform that they sit on

So I'm very busy during the week as I also have to work my notice at Sainsbury's which leaves me shattered but that's what the weekends are for! To sleep and to go out and have fun!!!!

Lots of love to everybody but I'm going to be a part time poster now as i'd be shot if they caught me on home of poi at work, or any other website for that matter

Take care and muchos love and huggles and glomps

hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

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Congratulations! biggrin

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Well done! Good luck! Hope it all goes fabulously, even if you have to cut down on HOP time for it hug

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

GnorBRONZE Member
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We all knew you are fabulous and so did your interveiw panel..
Well done darl...send me a pic in your new suit. It must have impressive leg length.

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Thank you guys smile

Hehe, my mum tried to take a picture of me but I held up my hand and said "No, I'm a professional"
thankies gnor hug

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Congrats hug

Thats brilliant ubbangel

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Pommy BubblesGOLD Member
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Nicely done.

you may not post as often but think of all the new toys you can afford!