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Posted:I've always been told to freeze glowsticks after you use them to prolong their glow. Can anyone verify that for me?

Also, when else are you supposed to freeze them, if ever?

Oh, might as well ask, when I first buy my glowsticks, should I just leave them in the package, or toss them somewhere?

Thanks!!! biggrin

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Posted:Yep, break them when u wanna use them (i usually have a spare or 2 incase they "accidently" break) and play till u finish. Then throw them in the freezer. Easy huh, they will last about 1month like that. Pull them out and drop them in a cup full of warm water and BLAM they are away. U may get 4 plays out of them before they become dull, but it depends on how long u use them before freezing them. You can just keep freezing them till they cake out.

Old school trick from way back biggrin

Keep ur glowstix somewhere they WONT break untill u want them 2.


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Posted:If you have a Kmart, you can get 4 different color, full sized glowsticks for 4, blue, green, yellow. All of them glow brightly & if left alone will glow for close to 48 hours although by that point they're pretty dim. I put them in the freezer after every use & mine are still glowing (once they warm up)...It's been 3 weeks since I bought them & have used them 12 or 13 times. They're better than any other type I've tryed.

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Posted:Keep them in their package till you are going to break them. Light exposure will make them die out faster. Tis why they come in an opaque wrapper.

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Posted:Well OOOK! Thank you very much!


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Posted:The glow is caused by two chemicals mixing (as you probably know) so by freezing them you are stopping them from mixing so you need to get the glow sticks as solid as possible as soon as possible devil

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying



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Posted:it's all very well so as long as you're near a freezer, i took mine camping so I've got through 12 in the last week.... 'tis a bugger.

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Posted:there are a few sets in my freezer now...

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Posted:Walmart (evil evil i know) USA has 88c glowsticks in a variety of colours, and in Australia - Crazy Clerks they are a dollar each. bargainous!

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Posted:I have LED light sticks bought for a pound! Hurray!

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