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Posted:Hey all,surprise surprise, I have some technical questions for you all (rather than going on and on and on about the philosophical side of twirling
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) 1) How do you go from one handed butterfly, to one handed weave?I can get into one handed butterfly from two handed, but buggared if I know how to go to one-handed weave from there!
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2) What else is everyone doing one-handed other than the following (cuz I can (at least sorta) do these! [image]">)-[/image]-" " crossflow-" " horizontal windmill (with turns etc)-" " butterfly-" " behind head butterfly (req'ing switch straight back to front after one rev)I guess what I'm looking for in this question is some inspiration.Hope to hear from you soon,Josh.[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 28 February 2001).][This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 01 March 2001).]

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