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Location: Wellington,New Zealand
Member Since: 16th Jun 2003
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Posted:ubbideaI have just had the best idea. A huge firedancing party in wellington. it would be so cool it could be a world record maybe

the most firre dancers in 1 place

im going to organise it but if u could plz reply to this to give me some ideas of where to go or when that would be great

even if u could get ppl u know who dont use this to give me info that would be great


Alan Nelson



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Stephen Benge
Location: Wellington New Zealand
Member Since: 13th Aug 2004
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Posted:hey funkygod
im new to welli but that sounds likie an insanely good idea just give me a where & when cheers

shen shui
shen shui

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Location: aotearoa
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Posted:im keen
and if they didnt have gelatine in them, i'd be as keen as a jelly-bean.
but they do.
so i'm not.
but just keen instead...
at least im keen.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
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Posted:Come do it in Golden bay and I'm in. There's 2 of us so that's as 50% of this thread....whatya you say.... smile

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
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Posted:A date'd also be good. 0/0/0 s good and all but our van's out of delorium chrystals.

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


or Wench, or Mo
Location: Melbourne
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Posted:Yay for a Wellington fire fest! WHOOT even! Im new to Welly at present, and would oh so love to have some one to play with!
Argh, words evade me im so excited to spin again after so long.

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old hand
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Im up for it to
Ill be fying into NZ on the 25th for the Auckland festival, then it depends on where the Performance work takes me - although the Juggling Convention is a definate - what about trying for the record there or at least liasing there and then taking it to wellington?
Peas out

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