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RIght, you've all played that game when you were younger (btw I'm playing the game) where you go "I went on holiday and I took an apple" Kid B goes "I went on holiday and took and apple and a bear" and so on. Well, do this with your fire toys and a mate -

"I picked up my staff and I did a palm spin"

"I picked up my staff and I did a palm spin, then a btb pass" etc etc

If you cock up, you have to start again at the begining of the sequence. Its just a nice way to build up combos, or to help each other learn new stuff.

We allow for as many extra spins or turns as you want in between, but you could be really strict I guess.

Anyone got any other fun games to play? I've seen someone (Durbs maybe?) making people skip with a rope dart, but there must be loads of games knocking around.


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