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Posted:I have a painful confession to make. Im a 21 year old man and I don't know how to comb my own hair. For the past ten years or so, Ive either wore a hat or just comb it straight in its natural pattern. Lately, however, Ive been wanting to get away from the hats and let my hair be free. I look young to begin with and wearing hats make me look even younger. Sometimes when I get home from work (at which I still wear a hat) Ill take my hat off and notice that I look rather good with the way my hair has fallen. But alas, I can never comb it to look that way or even straighten it out right. I dont know what to do with my hair and its annoying me.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to comb hair or what kind of products to use in it? I have what I believe to be the average men's hair cut... Short around the sides, bout 3/4 inch fading to about 2 inches on top. And so far, Ive just been using normal hair gel which, admittedly, is probably half the problem. Ive even gone so far as to search the internet for "men's hair combing lessons" to no avail. Can anyone help me with this horrible hair crisis?

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Posted:i havnt combed my hair for about 3 (or more?) years so i dunno, but good luck finding out smile

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Posted:Well that's the reason i shave my head, i hate combing and brushing (so of course the fates decided to bless with a little daughter) and all she wants is her hair brushed....so.....the longer you keep it brushed one way it will become what they called "trained" meening it will stick that way..

as for products.....gels worked best for me when i had hair, and for my daughter i use this anti friz + shin gel stuff
k bye

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Posted:hah.. my tips are as follow.. take a shower and dry your hair off.. however it falls after you dry your hair is how you shoudl wear it.. take a little bit of gell rub it on your hands and just run it all through your hair and kind of "scratch and pull" your hair untill its all messy but not too messy.. men dont use combs.. so man up.. =P

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Posted:comb ur hair ay what a tricky idea for the last about 5 years ive just dug whatever my hair looks like when i see it in the mirror in the morning

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Posted:comb?? what's a comb?? ubbloco

i'm a girl with long hair & i don't even comb!! i might only brush my hair once a week, if can be bothered!! ubblol

but i'm just lazy...

i reckon just use some hair product that isn't gel (cos that stuff is evil!) & jzuz (sp?? you know - the queer eye thing??) it a bit!

good luck!!

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Posted:Shave you head, then all your worries will be over.

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Posted:Just use a good shampoo and conditioner, and try to blow dry your hair when you get out of the bath/shower. While you're blowdrying it, just run a comb through it every now and then. There won't be any tangles cause of the conditioner, and it will go semi-straight with the heat.

Whenever you comb your hair when it's dry, remember to start from the ends and then work your way up. So just brush the first few inches all the way round, then go back around and add a couple more inches and so on and so on. This way you don't damage your hair by pulling it, which will cause it to split and kink.

If when it's dry you find any kinks or slept-in bits, I suggest investing in a little spray bottle and filling it with water. A few sprays over your hair and run through with a comb from bottom to top will straighten it out biggrin

Before I was stupid and burned most of it off (so therefore had to cut it short) I had hair down to my waist. I know how kinked hair is and how much of a pain in the ass brushing your hair is, no matter how short or long, but if these tecniques worked for my stupidly long hair, they should work for any length biggrin Hope that helped!

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Posted:why would you want to stop wearing hats!!!

i always have my head covered (hat, head scarf, even a visor or a head band!) when i leave the house unless im at school or something formal! ubbrollsmile

i'd say to just try and let your hair fall naturally, or have a look at others and see what you like, or experiment infront of the mirror one day (no-one needs to know that you're doing something so vain wink)

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Posted:i saw a guy last night with the longest dreads i've ever seen. the longest ones were right down to the back of his knees. they were blond, and very very nice ubblove

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Posted:Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! **bounces up and down**
Can I do your hair for you? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I'll even teach you how to do it yourself! biggrin
Can I? Huh, huh, huh? ubbrollsmile

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Posted:My hair in its natural, straight-from-the-shower, look is just too straight and boring. TuTu, your suggestion is good but for some reason I can never make it look right that way. Its either too messy and I have loose hair sticking out at the wrong spot or too gelled up.

Elanna, Id love for you to do my hair! Yer in Philly ATM eh? Ill be at Clark Park later today if ya wanna stop by smile

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