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the deal is in the works, the banks have the papers! we may very soon be adding to our 1.5 acre plot, and we will have 4.5 acres of river, oak trees, pretty fairies, peacocks, ponies, and owls in DOWNTOWN/CENTRAL austin! we will then begin construction on a 6 floor facility, complete with homeschooling center, day care and art summer camp, outdoor fire dance/kung fu studio, and bass-ment jammin dance space with our p.a. inside of course! this will be a COMMUNITY NOT FOR PROFIT center, and we may even open a professional fire dancing school (whips, staff, chains, fans, Double Staff, juggling, baton, stilts, theatrics, puppets, belly dance, indian dance, you name it!) and fire safety certification course, in conjunction with unset fire guild guidelines! and yes alcohol will be taught as an optional fireblowing fuel! nyaa nyaa! just teasing! oh boy!
i believe in the power of prayer, call it universe altering mindwaves, or whatever, but if you'd like, i'd reeally appreciate sending some love energy to make this happen! think of the children! the children!!! thanks in advance! i'm so stoked! heap-um big party in austin if we get it! come play! any hints from folks who know stuff about community centers is welcome!

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Posted:loveandenergyloveandenergy hope that helps! goodluck! i really hope you get somewhere with it and as a circus gal myself i will definitely be along for the opening!!




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Posted:SOUNDS AWESOME !!!!!!!!
If I make it to texas on my trip, I'll make sure I pay you guys a visit

sending out good vibes and smiles
shine on

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Posted:congratulations. sounds pretty sweet. if i get out that way i'll have to stop in.

may you travel far andlive in interesting times.unless you a bhuddist in which case i wish you nothing


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Posted:Congratulations! That sounds amazing. Sending you guys lots of lucky, happy vibes right...NOW!

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Good vibes cummin' ur way! What a fantastic idea! you sound like you've got it sorted
Almost makes me wanna move to Austin!
All creative energy too you, I know you will do well
DFQ xx

P.S: Keep us posted!

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