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Posted::Apologising in advance for the length of this post:

Well it would seem that I am griping on this BB a bit latley and I am aware that this type of thing has been discussed before, but I thought I would share anyway.

Last Saturday night I friends brother asked me and a few mates if we would twirl at his 21st for him. Yes there were other things I would have liked to be doing but I had no problem and agreed. Now don't get me wrong the friends bro is a really nice and so are his folks, this was not the issue, it was his brothers arrogant friends.

His house is on the side of a hill and we were a little way down the hill and the audience was up top on a balcony looking down. Throughout the show there was nothing but constant jeering and insults, this I can deal with. However what I can't deal with is that my girlfriend and my mates girlfiends and were a little way up the hill between us and audience and they too had to wear the brunt of the drunken insults directed at us as well as them, they were also on the recieving end of a glass beer bottle that was thrown at them (missing them narrowly).

Now what to do? The fire bug side of me wanted to start burning people. The violent side of me wanted too see how well I could use a flaming staff as a javerlen. What we did do however was put our gear out and leave.

This was probably the most sensibe thing to do given the circumstances, sensible yes, forfilling no. There is this constant anger that inside of me because to me the matter still seems to have reached a conclusion. What would you guys have done?

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Posted:This sounds like it was not really fire related. More Drunken A$$hole related.

It is absolutely, positively the host's fault reguardless of how nice he may have been.

If I throw a party and jerks show up and harass my friends, they're either leaving or I'm calling the cops. It is the host's responsibility to keep the party under control and if bottles are being thrown, ditch the fire gear and call the police.

Sorry that happened. That sucked. But you really owe the host a cold shoulder for letting that happen, which is what he did.

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:The best thing to do is exactly what you did, then. Put out your toys, pick up quickly, and leave. It's a safety issue when people start throwing stuff. And then go and take a nice, deep breath.

Unless you can think of a productive response, there's not much else you can do. Rise above it and know that you're a better man than they are.

But yeah, that sucks, man. I'd have been pissed as hell, too. ("Pissed" as in "angry," for you Aussies, Kiwis and Brits out there)

-Mike )'(
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the man with the flaming pants
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Posted:As mike said, you did the right thing, self control is good. It's just a pitty that the world has so many stupid people in it. Peace love and mugn beans.

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Location: Newcastle, UK

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Posted:Sounds like a good opportunity to see how far you can firebreath. 100 hundred points for each person you burn!!!!
Seriously though good self control, you did the right thing.


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Posted:That just burns me up to hear something like that. Yeah, you were right to just leave and it was completely the hosts fault. What the hell was he doing while you were being heckled? What an ass. If I were in that situation, I would have tried to pass my fire chains off to one of those drunk bastards and hopefully he'll catch one in the face. Might be a little harsh but after that comes the respect.. hehehehe.

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Posted:I hate being wound up by people like that because I know what a waste of energy it is. But the problem is nothing winds me up more than people who are so thick that the only way they can have a good time is by deriding others. you know, I was even considering getting a push button operated extendable spear head fitted to my staf exactly for the flaming javelin of death thing, but then thought the wiser of it



Location: London, UK

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Posted:...u did the best thing by leaving - now you must find their names and their addresses and which one of their possessions each one loves most and burn it down!!!

(ooops, did i just say that?)



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Posted:you will have the last laugh, cus on the day they die, they will realise that they have wasted their lives, missed so many opportunities closed so many doors to themselves by behaving so. it's a spiteful thought, but they are the ones who are losing. From what little I know about your episode, I would say that they were basically controlled by their fear and vanity egos.
Know that with your actions you've earnt a sizable karma reward from this, and that you should have faith that no-one escapes karmic balance of the world! you won't escape your reward, and they won't escape their reckoning.
By counting the balance of good and bad happenings in ya life, things should actually work out to be absolutely even (as the proverb goes: 3 fat years, 3 lean years.) It makes a difference. to truly believe in this automatic justice of the universe is to be free of a vengeful agenda, free of a compulsion to 'get ahead' or 'get more than your brothers and sisters' in the world. letting go allows peace, and peace allows happiness!
I don't expect most people to follow this path, as it's quite ..esoteric, but it is a perspective that i can share that can provide the ultimate comfort - freedom!
and oh yes, wooT!

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Location: Brisbane QLD Australia

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Posted:Hey thanks guys that really did calm me down. I guess there are dickehads everywhere in the world and the challange is not become like them but learn how to deal with them. Thanks alot

Simply an excuse to play with fire.



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Posted:Good job on the whole control part there buddy. I totally know how it feels as I get it all the time living in a hick town. Unfortunatly, I just about walked up 2 one asshole and clubbed him in the side of the head w/ a practice poi. Too bad it was a tennis ball, would have been 2 soft

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Posted:Instant Assholes..... Just add alcohol!!
I am a solo female performer and do a lot of shows at birthday parties, weddings etc. I have had many problems with being mistaken for a stripper!! Not in my routine!! The drunker people get the nastier they can be, so I now try to find out what time the event starts and try to arrive in the earlier part of the evening! Before they have had enough time to guzzle their way into an alcoholic stupor, hopefully!

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yeah i was at his particular place twirlin with twirlnburn. although the initial thought is that the host should have done something, there really wasnt anything that he could have done. we spoke to him afterwoods and he apologised and everyhting. it really annoys me that some people can be so fucking stupid that they arent willing to experience something that is beautiful on so many levels.
i put it down mostly to jealousy, thats what helps me forget about it. we are better than them and they know it. they want to have a skill other than wanking into their hands and we have one.
thats the way i see it.

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xtremravr...was here..

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Posted:i like moonwatcher, and simos' ideas...but then again i *guess* that you did the *right* thing to do...errr ya know what, i hate being good all the time!! BURN THEM!! BURN THEM AND THERE STINKING POSESSIOS TO THE GROUND!!! sorry, ihad to let that out..lol

Peace Luv Uni-t Respect Responsa-what?!?! Xtrem


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