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Posted:i think it would be better to do it on sat not sun

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Posted:I think you can poi everyday of the week

Seriously, there's various reasons Sunday was chosen. Mainly because most people have things planned on Saturday evenings and would like to be able to spin till past dark but wouldn't be able to because of whatever else they have to go to.

Also there's no car parking controls in most surrounding Clapham roads on Sundays.

So, Sunday just made more sense. Unfortunately we can't please all the people all the time.


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Posted:technically it's sunday right now - it;'s funny tha tthis topic bne on now cus i just came not 30min from a party where there was firetiwlrinf, jesus ya cant go wnywher these days without firetiwrli@~~! they arw amewrmiacns too! told them about this site so hoefuly theyll see the light goddam its lie 3am inthe mornig oh fuggit why am i on the net i need a new addiciton

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Posted:Sunday makes no sense at all. We already went over all of this. Let's just push it back to Monday but make it like 8ish so people can come. Either that or next weekend because my cousin will be in town.

(Now you know how the rest of us feel )

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