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Posted:Hooray, i just had my first audiance. I was just practacing in my driveway out the back of the house and a bnch of people walkng past saw me and stopped to watch. I had my back to them when they got there and didn't know they were there until i did a spectactular finish by attempting a throw and dropping the staff in to the gard which was damp from the rainand the flames went out. Was about to walk off and get it when i heard clapping. So i turned around a took a bow. Great feeling though. Anybody else got an first time stories?

That's fire play first time stories, let's try and have a nice clean thread for once...

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Posted:When I first started out at uni I was in my front garden spinning my staff and I also had a similar experience. When I finished spinning I saw that about 10 people had congregated to watch just up the road a bit and some people were even leaning out of their windows. I felt a great pride from being able to entertain them...

One other time I was with a few friends on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and I decided to do some spinning blindfolded. When I put it on there was only my friends there but somehow by the time I finished about 5 minutes later there was a crowd of about 50 people standing there clapping! Weird, but very nice.

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Posted:odd, i tried the same thing. Started twirling to a crowd with a blindfold and when I took it off there was no one there...

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Posted:For some reason I believe that Durbs! LOL

I used to practice with my comet set out front. A bucnh of my neighbors were watching, unbeknownst to me, and when I got done the man across the street brought his grandbaby over to see closer and they commented that it was nice to have a magician in the neighborhood.
That made me feel good.

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Posted:Magiacian? How the hell di d they get that

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Posted:went to a gathering at a mates, huge field with dj,& loads a people. only got my chains a few days before and had brought them along. went away from everyone with a mate who had my electroglos and we started having a spin. i think the best thing about fire is the noise as i can disapear into my own world as im spinning. noone else exists. when they had gone out i looked up and everyone had gathered around watching and clapping. brillient feeling haivng practiced for so long and then actually spinning fire in front of people. makes u feel loads more confident when people are genuinly impressed!


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Posted:i met a friend at a fest a few months and he gave me the chains, it was puoring down rain and he gave them to me and I started to play without fire. By the time I lit up the first time everyone was leaving. I found out the next day everone leaveing thought it was so cool that we were playing with fire in the rain that they bought memberships and we were told we could come to land for free anytime as long as we play with fire!


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Posted:The first time I lit up, I was in the street in front of my apartment. Right away I heard someone from down the road yell "Woah! Hey Mike get out here!" and then this big group of guys came running down the street to see what I was doing, people saw them running by and came out to see what was going on and pretty soon the whole neighborhood was out there watching.

Ive been hooked ever since.

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Posted:my first real audience was on the lawns where i usually twirl with my twirling buddies and the sailors from the John C Stennis came out of the pub with their drinks and formed a bit of a crowd, then the locals joined in and we just kept spinning and they just kept watching!



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Posted:I was practising outside my flat at uni one night and when my wicks burned out I stopped, shut my eyes and took a deep breath, was about to resoak when I got a round of applause, I was by myself when I started, who was claping? turns out there was a party in one of the flats up the road, and one of the people had seen me spin, and they'd all piled out. that was kind of odd.


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Posted:I never spin fire unless at least one other person is around.

However, I have gotten quite a few "uninvited" audiences. I was practicing outside in front of my house and cars kept honking as they went past. And passers-by kept stopping to gape. When I'm practicing, my eyes are generally focused on a point one meter in front of my face and I'm oblivious to my surroundings (other than knowing where the pois are), so until they made noise, I really didn't realize they were there.

Best unexpected audience I ever had was when I was spinning fire at a party at my house. A cop pulled up. I decided to keep going. When my act was finished, he came up and said "Listen, I really shouldn't be saying this, but...can you do that again?"

-Mike )'(
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