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I am studying short course and am in need of a FUN part time job... I wouldnt mind working in Camden but dont know how to go about it besides walking up to ppl and being like 'I want to work'...Would like at least 5bps / hour

All my experience is secretarial and I am not going back to that shit...

I know about music, sound engineering, juggling, and wouldnt mind working with any of these...

Anyhints ppl??? They would help me greatly
Thanks to all,
Love to all,
Pixie... drome!


SmallBoy - xSmallBoy - xCarpal \'Tunnel
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Mmmmmm - Don't know babe.
Check out all the agency web sites and you're bound to get summit you want. Bit of a work shortage at the mo' but if you don't care too much what ur doing (besides not wanting to work as a Managers (aka dick-heads) slave) you're bound to get something.
Camden's cool. Go work at a poi shop.......(or smokey shop - hehe)
The one under the bridge is full of funky cool peeps & if you flutter ur eye-lashes enuff they'll melt I'm sure.
Not much help as I'm an IT bod - although I'd recommend it to anyone. - answering phones for 12 ph is sound enough to start, and IT's a doss.
If you're interested check out and
Not suggesting anything here (yeah right you say) but as a thought I've never really understood why most women wouldn't go to work as a hooker - from a guys point of view money & sex are possibly the 2 most important things in life. Why not do both????? - Hahahaha

Small Lardy Person In Disguise

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Thank u small boy!!! Um where do I get this I will have a llok see it sound interesting I just cant be fucked to work full time but I will do anything I would rather not work for 5bps per hour because I usually get paid more than that I just want a half way stress free bullshit job... It can be a bit hard just as long as I only have to deal with a few asses!!!

Anyway thank you very much I'll look up on it
Love to small boy adn love to all...drome


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