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Posted:So, my showload is picking up alot here, which is good and I am not complaining, though it got to the point where I was thinking of retiring, but that is another story for another time....

Anyway, I did this exhibition show, only 15 mintues long, and overall, it went badly (again, another story for another time) but at the end all these little kids came up to me and asked me for my autograph!

Now, I have had to do this before but it was an acting show I was in and really it was nothing. It was cute and funny and I was able to handle it well because I was hiding in these elaborate costumes. This was me in leather and a t-shirt, no big deal. I had no clue what to say (other than to repeat my "don't try this at home" speech) and I had absolutely no clue what to write! I kind of made it up as I went along but I was really ambarrassed and almost humiliated at it all, just because I was sooooo unprepared.

So, what do you all think? What would you have written? I said something really cheezy like "Stay cool, Be hot!" which amused the parents and the kids greatly, nice affect, but still it was lame. What do you all think? What should I do if this happens again?
Anyone have similar experiences?

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Posted:As I've gotten from the lovely fire breather down here named Harley, when you bugger up just say:

"Dont worry, it doesnt hurt if your a proffessional"

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