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Posted:I dont know about anyone else here or what your Uni timtables are like or not, but if you are anything like me you will be getting so very annyoed with all of the Uni crap which is stacking up at the moment - assignments and mid semseter exams coming up. Im going on camping with mates at the end of semester by the beach and at the moment it is all I can think of.

I dont think I have ever been hanging out for a decent sleep as much as I am now. I dont think I could stand looking at this computer screen for one more minute either, and god damn it I was gonna get a decent sleep in this morning but was woken bright and early by some Jehovas Witnesses.

Anyhow that is my gripe, I thought I would share, see if anyone else getting as cranky as I am getting.

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Posted:Yes uni sux.

Wish I was back in sunny QLD and not up to my neck in stupid assisnments etc. At least its not cold enough to freeze peolples genitals off (if u are a boy)up there.

Just remember what the lil red engin said
I think I can, I think I can ... and then he went camping on the beach.

I don't like living below the tropic of Capricorn..... and now I seem to be in England...... how did I get here???



Location: Brisbane QLD Australia

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Posted:MMmm camping on the beach. Sigh all in good time.

BTW: I am a guy and yes it it not quite cold enough to freeze my balls off down here. If it was then I would really have something to gripe about

Simply an excuse to play with fire.




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Posted:eeer... you're gonna say I sound like an old, boring grandma ... but may I tell you that I so regret the time where I was at university and all teh free time I had then (especially in the summertime !!!!)
I knwo there is plenty of work and all, but trustme, there will be work later too... Try and enjoy yourself and seize that blessed time ...

i know ..; I can almost hear you shrugging and thinking i'm such an idiot...

I just honestly wish someone had told me what it'd be like after uni so i'd have seized it more while still there...

oh ..; and now that I think of it ... maybe uni in france is different ? I mean we used to have 3 to 4 months summer vacation ..

anyway... don't pay too much attention

shine on

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Posted:I know what you mean. I have my finals at the moment. Just had my penultimate one, and finish tomorrow. Haven't slept well in weeks, and have never felt this stressed in my life!

Spent the whole morning trying to relax, and stop myself hyper-ventilating to no avail, but it's almost all over for me now. Just gotta stick it out for another 21 hours, then bring on the summer! Wuhey!

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Posted:*Hugs* I feel your pain...well kinda.
Me: Been done uni for 1 month & live by the beach
But don't worry you'll appreciate the summer so much more if you work hard right now...I know I am

Om Namah Sivaya




northern monkey

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Posted:i finished uni on monday but had a hellish week of exams and assignments before it. I dont understand why all deadlines have to be together in an eight week semester??? crazy!

anywas, off till september 21st!

vic xx

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Posted:Twirl'N'Burn, good way 2 get rid of the damn fuckin' JW's is.... when they come to the door say that if they ever come there again that you will drop your drawers etc. My mom did that and the only time they came back was when we were moving. They then asked if she was the same lady who lived there before. when she said yes, they quickly scampered off

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Posted:Yes, yes and yes twir'n'burn, I am hanging out for the end of semester, working full time and studying part time for my masters has almost killed my sense of fun and adventure this year. I'm going campin for Yule, so at least I can get away from it all for a bit. And yes, know what you mean about sleep - why is it, that, when you are curled up, nice and warm in bed, the perfect sentence for your assignment comes into your head



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Posted:<smiles in agreeance with everyone, sitting at the computer at uni....wondering where the past hour that should have been spent on an assignment has gone>


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