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Ok, not sure if this one should go here but. . .(mods, feel free to relocate, please!)

One of my good friends (a newbie firedancer no less wink) is coming to California in the first week of August and she is wondering about any gatherings in her area. Sooo anyone from those area's know when/if you guys are getting together for some firedancing and the like?

I might actually be acompanying her, not sure, but either way she'd love to meet some of you and get to do poi with you all biggrin

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well, since no one is answering, I can tell you the answer is definitely yes, or at least there used to be a sizable one and I know there is still a lot of fire peeps in the area. my old job used to take me to the bay area a couple times a year and I would drop in on the weekly spin jams. but I do know that thy no longer meet where I found them, and that was a couple years ago, so who knows nowadays...

I'd look in the old 'meet others' database, since a lot of old timers from the bay area are no longer current on HoP and won't have updated their contact info for the new database. I'm not sure how to navigate there, but I imagine there is a link from the new one? anyway, do what I did and send out a mass of emails to people in san fran and surrounding areas asking for details. that will get you a lot more responses than posting here and waiting for them to log on and notice, which may never happen.


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Thanks for the advice Vanize smile I'll try that.

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Yeah... my understanding is that the Bay Area is ripe with spinners.

I'd check via 'Burningman' lists. I know there's a big burner crowd out there.


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Alright, I had a great post put together, but then my computer crashed... so here's try #2.

Best place to hook up with Bay Area poi spinners is (look for the SF Bay Fire Salon tribe). I started the FireSpinning mailing list on Yahoo Groups a while back, too.

If you're spinning in a park, please note that parks close at 10pm! Law enforcement in the Bay Area is generally friendly towards fire spinners who look like they know what they're doing, but if you stay past park closing, they will usually come and kick you out.

Here's a list of practices in the Bay Area, adapted from Jovino's and my posts on tribe:

Tuesday :: 8pm - 10pm


Shakspeare Gardens

9th Ave/Lincoln, 2 blocks after it enters the park, look for the sign on the right.

Tuesday :: 9pm - Midnight?

Bodhisatva Spin Jam

Santa Cruz - 418 Front St

Indoor dance studio space, run by Forest and Jill. Get there on time -- if not enough people show, they may shut early.

Donation to help pay for space.

Thursday :: 8pm - 10pm

Los Suenos Del Fuego

AIDS Memorial Glen, Golden Gate Park, SF

Look for the gravel on the west end of the glen.

Thursday :: 9pm - 1am

Spin Jam @ Infinite Kaos Headquarters

136 Taylor St. @ Turk (next door to Original Joe's), SF

This is an indoor event with no fire. It has a tendency to get crowded later in the evening. There's lots of talented people who are super friendly. Different people and dj's every week, so always different, and always fun. Near the Powell St. BART station (but be warned last BART to east bay leaves at 12:15!)

Donation to help pay for space.

Sunday :: 8pm - 10pm


Clementina @ 8th st (SOMA)

This one happens in the alley behind the Cat Club. It is hosted by Mythic Fire (Kai, Anne and Don).

More information at

Sunday :: 8pm - 10pm

Lake Merrit @ the Gazebo behind Fairyland

Near Grant and Harrison in Oakland

Great location, great people!

Silicon Valley Fire

varies from week to week, but usually tuesdays in someone's back yard... they have a mailing list on

Fire Arts Collective Play Day

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements.
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Much obliged Orbit! smile I'll forward this list to my friend smile

I hope I can go. . .:D But it looks like I may have to work. . .doh!

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does anyone poi in san francisco bay area? coz i poi and fire spin here in the philippines and i'll be going to SF in 2 weeks so i was wondering.. to all SF spinners.. lets all get together and learn tricks from each other yeah? send me a personal message if ever you're down with that. thanks

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