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Posted:Cherry (my wife) is giving birth in a few weeks to our first child, so we have recently been attending courses in child care etc.

Anyways we met some others and got talking about cravings whilst pregnant.

Two women have craving to eat dirt.

eek Handful of fresh dirt eek

Cherry much prefers Chocolate herself.

Have anyone else heard of this before or have any other funny cravings whilst being pregnant?

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Posted:Hmmm, do they have a craving for Probiotics???? Friendly earth-borne bacteria.
I've heard that some women have cravings to kill the man who got them that way! wink


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Posted:i've heard of plenty of people with weird cravings, including dirt. my best friend craved pickles with peanut butter. my mom craved insane amounts of salt.

I was always scared with my mother's obsession with the good scissors. It made me wonder if there were evil scissors lurking in the house somewhere.

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Posted:Written by:
my best friend craved pickles with peanut butter

My mom did too as well as dill pickles in her chocolate ice cream ubblol

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Posted:the cravings are a result of your brain saying "hey i need this food because it has X chemical's and protiens in it to help the baby because your body doesn not have enough of it"

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Posted:i love the reaction to my eating mud (not wuite dirt i guess) more than the digestion of it..

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Two women have craving to eat dirt.

Handful of fresh dirt

you have got to be joking me!!! eek

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Posted:I craved beer and salt and vinegar chips (crisps)...

Also food constantly. Now I crave sleep.

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Posted:My younger sister used to like eating dirt as a toddler. I can still picture her as a 2 year old eating fist fulls of dirt out of the flower box ubblol

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Posted:I didn't become vegetarian until after I gave birth, so my favourite was chicken Tikka Masala with cheese and banana ubbloco

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Posted:So Malcolm, any good placenta recipes yet?


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Posted:Malcolm. It's a common phenomenon called "pica" where some women get a craving for certain types of dirt and clay. Crushed ice is another one. That often signifies anemia.

Yay for stupid trivia I learn in school! ubblol

-Mike )'(
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Posted:my mum's was marmite...and now i'm addicted to it...spoon goes in jar...then mouth...mmmm...marmite

*off to make toast*


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Posted:I went to a school for pregnant girls and there were some who craved cornstarch and one who craved burned matches. She would get a book of matches and burn them all and then eat the tips. The other two walked around with boxes of cornstarch and ate it by the spoonful. Me I would take whatever I could find in the fridge and mix it together. Once I mixed sour cream tuna fish noodles and cheese.


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Posted:i've heard of craving dirt, i also knew a lady that craved the smell of gasoline while she was pregnant, strange to crave a smell ???

my sister used to eat ice all the time later we found out she was anemic(sp?). i didn't know there was any kind of relation. cool now i know!~


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