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Posted:I would go through with it... Just to get these thoughts out of my mind so that I can move on with my life. The messed up emotion that is Love.... ah what a killer it is ...

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Posted:I disagree. A lot of men may have a problem with "looking behind the curtain" as you say, but you give us too little credit. For some reason a lot of people (And by people I mean a lot of women) think that just because we don't always show it, we don't feel it. I think that's a load of crap. Reality scares EVERYONE whether they admit it or not. We just find ways to deal with it.

And quite frankly, women are just as bad as men at it. It isn't a gender issue, its a personality adjustment issue.




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Posted:Aachen's not always dreary!!!! Except with the big old RatHaus, looking like a monster reaching out of the sky ready to eat you. Teehee, I met your mayor(of 2001), she was nice and gave us free drinks smile
Yes that's just to say I've been where you are.

Plus I have to agree with i8beefy2 I am shite at showing how I feel, typing it out on the computer screen to lots of people I barely know is nothing but actually saying how i feel takes a long time coming about or I go for it because I can't see how things will change without me spilling the beans. It's all about personality and the relationship you have In My Opinion!, if the feelings aren't being shared then there's a problem (which happens in every relationship i have unfortunately)

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Posted:hey, you need one of those neuralyser thingis off of men in black smile

but would you want to lose all the fond recollections, the memories of the good times, the triumphs over struggles?

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Posted:Yeah sorry... I guess I am a little bit jaded.... frown It so NOT depends on the gender. It's just that I met weird guys lately...

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