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Posted:Ok I got a disscussion for you lot. What do ya think about cliques?

All this sexy ladies chat got me thinking. Is HOP a kinda clique? I mean I missed the London party (damned skint student) so I don't know anyone face to face. What about all the sexy/beautiful people out there that's not in the main crowd?

Also I live in Oxford and go to the old poly. You should see the money divide! Also students tend to stick in small groups unless they're openminded enough to actually chat to other people. It can be hard to break in. Luckily I live in the part that has a massive community spirit too, so with a bit of effort against cliqiness it can turn into one big party for all.

Damn you guys are all sexy. We twirl for a start, and that maybe is the last point I want to make. How many fellow toysters have met because we're holding poi, staff and other toys and we say to eachother....HEY:) You're one of us! (Who said cliques were all bad?)

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Posted:I always talk to anyone I see spinning (except for burning man, there's to damn many). the reason I do this is because I have not met very many people who spin that hold the same redneck attitudes where I live. and it makes it really easy to strike up a conversation since you both share this interest. I've never met anyone from this site, but have found more friends because of this addiction.

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Posted:Ditto to what Master NA said

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Posted:I've deffinately made loads of friends through twirling... It's amazing actually though... They're mostly more like aquantences(sp???)....people I know well enough to chat to and when we meet, would greet eachother maybe even with a hug-and-kiss-on-the-cheeck hello, and chat, but not all that many really close friends, that you tell your deepest secrets to (not that I think I have many of those... deep dark secrets... hmmm sounds scarey) Though I love all my aquantences(sp???) dearly.

My best friend would have to be my sister... (ouwwww how sweet ) That's who I spend most of my time with

But I think there is also something great about being able to go out on your own and enjoy yourself (I do this quite often ) Being able to injoy your own company and keeping open to the idea of meeting new people along the way.

I always have the best time at festivals and things when I'm on my own! It's very empowering... It's a feeling of freedom... You can just go off and do what you like... no one to answer to.

Hmmm I think I might of gone slightly off topic... sorry 'bout that.

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Posted:Probably depends on the size of the population. In New York City there are tons of cliques within cliques.

Most of the time we're mellow but occationally we battle for turf and prostitutes. I think the deeper people are in the culture, and the less they get out of the culture, the more serioulsly they take it. I tend to only dally these days in fire spinning and I never really cared enough to be a threat to anyone. But I certainly have friends who get competitive, cliquey, and downright unfriendly when it comes to the community and spinning.

I know exactly how lucky I am to be in a community that is large enough to form cliques so I try not to complain. Also, I pretty much get along with anyone. I think I outgrew cliques in High School, now I just think they're silly.

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Posted:I've never been very successful with cliques, not at school, not since. I have a few very close friendships, and a whole bunch of other friends, but I drift between them all. When things do get "clique-y" even in a good way, I tend to go into self-destructo mode. I make comments that seem to jar the atmosphere even when I don't mean to. & I get very restless.

HoP is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some it is a really tight group of friends. To others it is a party (a masquerade ball where you can show off as much as you like with no fear of people recognising you). To some it is a secret pleasure where they can let their "true" self out.

To me it is my local pub. I know all you guys, but I don't see you outside of here. We share a common interest, but we can talk about other things to. I can talk about stuff one-on-one, or I can talk to a crowd. We have "in" jokes but they constantly change. There is a different combination of people in here every day, interacting in a different way. The friendships are not that tight that I worry in the extreme if I don't post for a few weeks/days, but I know that I can trust you in what I ask of you. Some of you I would love to meet one day. Others are overwhelming & probably safer to deal with in a restricted area

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Posted:hmmmmm cliques. I dont have one. nor have i ever really experienced being in one! i think maybe australia has an absentee of cliques? we are "mates" and we have our drinking "mates"..... does that count as a clique? either way.... i dont drink...

I have only met one person off HOP so far, but i also chat on another server and have met several ppl from their, and i have to say, Even if you dont make soul"mates" with that person, the experience of meeting them is ultimately enriching for both ppl.....

I'd like to think that HOP is not a click... just sort of a collective group of like minded spinning people..... `

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