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Posted:Mr Fish o'flame is right, I think we need to have a new thread for the second meet especially as it won't let me edit the title of the old one rolleyes

So here's the open invitation to everyone who reads this to join us in Falmouth. It seems most agree on the weekend of 6th-8th or there round abouts (I'll be there from the 5th) and we're camping

here at the same campsite

and spending our nights

here on Maenporth Beach

If you wanna see what the last meeting looked like visit

Soton Firespinners to download the video

If anyone wants to come just turn up but we'd appreciate a post or two to let us know so we can be sure the campsite can expect a certain number of people although they have lots of space and no doubt would fit us in without a problem.

Its a winner, you know it makes sense, be there or be a square Poi and besides what else have you got to do you bunch of weirdos!?! wink

And if we want it better I think we should be a little better prepared for funness, does anyone have one of those massive tents like army ones? Or would anyone be interested in piling into a couple of chalets perhaps? And maybe a generator for tunes on the beach *cough*strugz*cough* for when the bones start showing through Mags' fingers?! wink Any other suggestions folks? Could people all try to bring a little wood with them please? Even a few sticks each will make a massive difference but if Brad wants to use his 100% work discount again that'd be well cool biggrin hug2

So who's-a comin? bounce bounce2 grouphug devil kiss beerchug wow hehe ubbrollsmile juggle weavesmiley ubblove biggrin ubbidea sunny

The list currently looks like this and I'll keep this post updated for ease of looking for links and names etc

FALMOUTH II Peeps - For Sure!


Custom Bug Fri-Sun

George Fri-sun and at least 6 friends

Rossco Bossco Fri-Sun

Mags Fri-sun

Bird Fri-sun

Frodo Fri-sun

Beth Fri-sun

Strugz Fri-sun

Durbs Fri-sun

Greenmilk Fri-sun

Char Fri-sun

Spud Fri-sun

Chico Fri-sun

Peter Parker Fri-sun

ChunkyN Fri-sun

Puresock Fri-sun

Sinjax Fri-sun

Reflex + Ms Reflex Fri-sun

Pink..? & her birthday Fri-sun

Garthy Fri-sun

BradFire Fri-sun

Parafinfairy Fri-sun

Oli Fri-sun

Proft Fri-sun

Narr Fri-sun

Vixen Fri-sun

x-aimee-x Fri-sun

Crazyhippychick Fri-sun

FALMOUTH II Peeps - Possibly




Keith - Other Toasters

Fireflzy (From Firetoys messageboard)

Craig (From Firetoys messageboard)



Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Posted:his card!?!?!? Cummon Ben... work your magic!! xxx

tHeReS gOoD aNd EvIl iN EaCh InDiViDuAl fIrE, iDeNtIfIeS nEeDs AnD fEeDs OuR dEsIrEs.




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Posted:I dont have his mobile but Mags probably does. Pm him!

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Mags The Jedi

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Posted:Ta da! Yeah, PM me. Was burning with all three of them last night. Rock rock rock yer body.

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Cause I really Really Slack...

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Posted:way to drag up a thread garthy! 3 year bumpage...not bad!

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