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Posted:oi oi oi
anyone know anything about bottle flairing? like good websites about it or where i can get kits and what not? cheers queers

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Posted:i have absoluetly no idea what bottle flairing is.
I hope that helps.

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Posted:nor do i, and i'm curious now....

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Posted:Ahh yes, the age old art of bottle flairing, i remeber being and youg boy and my dad taking me out to flair my first bottle, those were the days eh, ahh memories

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Bottle flAIRing..
i see..

Nah, dunno what it is.

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Posted:A quick websearch on Google brings about a million hits.

Seems to be bartending tricks..

"Flair, when being specific, can be divided into several different aspects. Flair can be flipping a bottle, spinning a tin, twirling a bev-nap, or just telling a joke. However, some of the more eye catching Flair moves are done with 151 and a lighter. ( Fire! Fire! heh-heh) Actually, some like to use lighter fluid but if your GM doesn't mind, 151 is a readily available highly flammable rum made by Bacardi."

There seems to be about 50 links on this page Bottle Flairing

Otherwise, a simple search will probably get you what you want.

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Posted:Absinthe lights on fire too......and gets you very very very drunk after only 2-4 shots.

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Paradic Arsonist
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Posted:yea sorry about not explaining it
bottle flairing is just fancy shit with bar tending, ie flipping bottles, pouring multiple drinks at the same time, general throws with bottles and mixers and shite like that

i am quite religious.. there is only one god, and that god.. is ME! :)

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Posted:I thought I saw these somewhere flair bottles !! Go to the Online catalogue & look for Flair

They look a little plasticky, but I suppose it means they would bounce if you dropped them

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Posted:I was a flair bar tender for about 6 years, but have grown up (?!) now and become a designer...

best way to learn, start with a small bottle such as a bud or rolling rock (my prefered bottle as it doesnt have a paper label) bottle, and have a play with it... ...over something soft like a bed... then when you are comfortable move to something bigger (70cl smirnoff voddie bottle or similar (long and thin is better than short and fat)... then when you are comfortable with that put some fluid in it and a speedie pour (can buy from class bar... see below) in the top... dont use too much fluid (a couple of inches) and then the weight stays in the bottom (same idea as a juggling club) and is more predictable as the fluid doesnt slosh about all the time!...

best way to learn quickly, go to a bar which has flair tenders and ask.. either get a job there or ask if anyone teaches (its a bit more of a closed community than poi, but people will give you lessons... unfortunately they will normally charge you, which is why getting a job there is better; you get paid to learn)

if you just want to teach yourself, try looking on the web for some moves, or just copy people from bars around your area, or try to get to a flar comp... yes there are such things, and a lot of drink is generally consumed there! try looking on the 'class' website (www.classbar.com) they organise a lot of events in the UK, but also get involved with flair comps in the US and mainland Europe...

other than that I can really help; I have been working in and around bars since I was 16, clearing glasses etc. (for all you law abiders!), and learning after hours, and then serving since I was 18... thats 6years of hard commitment (lmao.. )

you will pick up basic moves pretty quick, but it really just depends what you want to do with it... if you just want to annoy the hell out of the poxy barmen in a local while your out for a beer with your mates, teach yourself, if you want to win flair comps, prepare for about 2-5 years practice and lots of broken bottles and spilt fluid!!!... ...and bear in mind in 2-5 years time, the people winning now will have 7-10 years experience!

keep playing and you will get better... send me a mail if you want a few ideas for basic moves to start with...


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Posted:there is another thread about this, do a search, i just did! it sucks, i cant find any good sites with demonstrations and i need visuals to learn! its not fair! i can already juggle and everything!

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Posted:Ask pyrowill. xxx

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Posted:hey, i some flair work, on a non pro level

pyro will works in a flair bar

for all those who dont knwo what flair is, ist the manipluation of a bottle, or glass or anything on a bar to produce a drink for a customers in a hugly extreme way

so like the film cocktail with tom cruise, you thow, catch, spin and stall bottles to make drinks

very cool if done well

you can go

here (videos)

here for bottles



i spent a month in oz last year, and when i spoke to the guys at juggle art in melbourne, they said that the bars out there where trying to keep flairing out of the jugglers world to stopot getting really hard really fast....

bugger them get learning! hope this is nmore help

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:other hop based flair thread

Step (el-nombrie)

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