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I was wondering if anyone had had any experience with these guys? I wanna buy some of their LED juggling balls, anyone know if they're any good?

The ones i want are here -

They're cheap which leads me to think they arent that great but the ones in the pic look pretty bright.

Thanks muchly!

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Posted:I dont know about the Todd Smith balls.

I have delt with the with other things clubs and balls.
and found they are good allround stuff.
they sound like some french balls but cant find them on the net.
but if they are. They are ok for the price.

I have some aerotech balls
they are not cheap. and if you are converting from US$ it is even worse.
but thay are bright, good after sales care (one years free repair or replace)
and are rechargable.
i have both types one colour (5 of) and 2 colour(4 of).
I think the one colour are best. but the 2 colour do change on catch. and have lots of strobe speed.

I recon your best bet is to chat to some one at a juggling work shop and ask them what they have heard about them

happy juggle


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Posted:i dont know anything about todd smith's balls.

ubblol i couldnt help my self.....

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Posted:i have bought the hacky sacks direct from night and they are ok but lit by only one led so they arnt as bright as i thought but their jugglo juggling balls look brighter and the people there were superb to deal with...