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Posted:i was spinning on the beach today, showing off all of my new moves and fighting the wind (i didnt last too long. the wind was stronger then my will...) so anyways, everyone on the beach were looking at me. i felt very shy and realized i've never seen any other spinner on that beach ever!!! actually, i dont think spinning is that big in Israel. i mean, people know what it is, but i cant find anyone to spin with! i lerned while travelling (NZ, Ausi, Thiland) and im still new to this toy, so if anyone knows someone or has an idea how to get in touch with other spinners in this damn country, i'd love to hear some ideas!

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Posted:there are a couple of people from Israel who post on these boards. Acid and Lt Furlong spring to mind (not sure about these so don't quote me) Not sure whereabouts they actually live though. They'll be around eventually. Sit tight.

Perhaps, in retrospect, it would've been better to have entitled the thread Israel. Would've got the attention of more residents that way methinks. Nay mind. too late now. don't start a new thread though. Stay with this one. K?

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Posted:I got it, I got it... First of all, I have to say parts of this are going to sound like the things I'll do before an exam. But, it may be an advantage if you could learn how to spin as you wear a cows skull. If you cover your body in goats bloods and then cover the blood with a full flowing cape and boby suit, this works best if the body suit is in fact a giant chicken suit. Now proceed to the most traveled street in your town/ city/ state... and continue to twirl us you normally would yelling "I wish to be a Trollie"... I promise you... Twirlers will be kissing your feet just to twirl with you... don't beleive me... then try it out...

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