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laudielaudieSILVER Member
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Hello luvlies

I got a call today from a lady (Helen) who is looking for fire people, stilt walkers or anything that looks good in the dark for a street parade at the Ballina Mardi Gras (Mayo, West of Ireland).

She's real nice, n' it sounds like a real good laff. If ur interested giz an email, n' I'll send u her number.

She did specify that they want people who are confident to perform; as with fire, things can go wrong!

Also if any1 wants to go down, I think I'll be there cos she really sold it to, samba n boogying....yay!! So again, giza shout n' we kan meet for a spin.

Think that's everything, but if I've been dim enough to leave out details, just laff ubblol at me, n' I will inform you of the neccessarys.....

laudie smile


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sound really fun! i have no monies to be going to ireland but i will send some mates along to cheer you on!
have a good un!

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FabergGOLD Member
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hmmm..... it's the weekend after oxegen and a few days before i get paid again, so unfortunately it's unlikely as i'll be smashed frown

sounds like fun though. will keep it mind. you never know, i could win, find, inherit loadsa cash between then & now.... ubbloco

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