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Posted:A have a question for ya all. How is your poi skills when you are drunk. I feel like a few drinks can improve my skills in some areas such as skateboarding, tricks on bikes etc. But when I poi I SUCK! I mean really suck, even if I have two drinks I smash myself in the head about 40 times.

Now I know this makes sense but I have never been so effected by a few drinks in anything else I have done.... How does it effect all of you?

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Posted:hmmm...I've never been big on the whole drug thing, theyre not my style.

and Doing poi whilst under the influence of qalcohol. I've actually performed in front of a crowd of 150 people right after drinking a 500ml coke and rum slushie. and it wasnt so bad. the only problem was that I got tired faster than usual andI felt like passing out when I was finished...
Hey I think I did pass out now that you mention it. Can't remember it that well anyway

Every morning I wake up and hit the ground yawning...


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Posted:Some of you guys are mad, I spin when whizzing, coked up or on pills because I can do more or less anything on them - but fucking ACID?????
I try not to do anything or go near anyone when I'm on Acid because I don't trip 2 often & when I do I'm a fucking mess.
Poing when drunk though is pointless, especially if u drink as much as me. 12 pints b4 leaving seems fine when u walk out the door but when you get poi in your hands it's laughable.
Even after 2 pints I think it's more enjoyable to kick back in the sunshine and skin up but hey - do what u gotta do.............
Wont try fire untill I stop hitting myself in the face every 2 mins - Hahaha - next year then mebby
mmmmmmmmmmm - treeeeeeez - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Have a blinding 4 days off peeps & c u all when I get back 2 work.

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Posted:dude, horses for courses!
definitely, acid ain't for everyone.
it's just that for an increasing number of twirlers, it blossoms their creativity and time and again you will hear about 'this grand move that i stumbled upon whilst the third eye was open.' kinda stuph.
used safely, creatively, it will provide you with some fuking spectacularly gorgeous moments that many people will agree will be what you remember of your life when the end of the journey comes.
jesus it's like 3:07 now and my typeing is sooo mcuh better. i still can't think of a joke to finsih with,..

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Posted:im gonna have to agree with the pro-drug whilst spinning, i just find myself to be more creative as phunky and bender said. i do know my limits, and if i over indulge myself i will no spin, but thatusually doesnt happen. i really dont do e anymore, so that isnt a big factor, but with meth like everyone else said, i go really fast, and speed kills!!! lol as for the shroomies...gotta love em'!! they just seem to bring out an inner power that makes me alot more creative while spinning!!

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Posted:Acid+ twrill= bad tripp out
Pot+ twrill = goooooooooood
speed+ twrill = dont go there


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Posted:a little off topic and an unusual thing for me as i don't normally drink. i was drunk at a party and was having a hard time walking<yes off a whapping 3 beers, like i said i don't drink> and in the process of convincing some broad that i could carry her on my shoulders while ridding my unicycle she told me if i could do it drunk by my self she'd go for a ride when i'm sober. and much to my surprise i could do it drunk, and was more focused<because i needed to be> but not more talented then usual.

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Posted:i have found that poi while drinking is good and bad. if i only do the practice ones i am ok and have even learned new moves pretty easily this way. But if i use my fire chains they seem to stuck in my hair often. so when i start drinking i put up the chains and only play with the nice soft ones. but one of my friends theory is that if you can do it unsober than you can do it sober. I have found this to be a good rule of thumb.


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