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Location: Colorado/Florida

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Posted:I'm bored with my hometown... nothin ever happens that is worth hearing about. The police reports have stuff like: Man caught urinating on sidewalk. Fined for loitering. I swear to god I'm gonna go insane.. more so... if I have to stay here all summer. If anyone is willin to help me set up a gathering/festival/whatever in Colorado this summer it would be awesome. Drop me a line and HELP Save me from eternal boredom! Thankyouverymuchandhaveaniceday!

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Location: Rochester, NY, USA

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Posted:Feel free to check out the section of this board specifically set up for just such a question:
Events, Performances & Gatherings

You could even post there. That way people looking for a gathering would find you. Oh, be sure to put a location in the subject heading so that the thread doesn't get overlooked.

Good luck.

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