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Posted:To Catboy and all other Run to the Sunners!

Ive just read the Jubillee thread and thought id better start a new one!

Who else is coming?

Were gonna be having lots of chalet parties so we should all meet up for a spin! Im sooo excited!!

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Posted:hey Im coming down, but bassjunkie is moving that weekend so he's bailed out (let the girlfriend move the stuff is what I say!)
another guy from work is coming too who has just started twirling, so hopefully it will be all good...
spike is coming too, but Im not sure if he's going to RTTS or just going to be in cornwall that weekend... ...if people need (or know others who need) a space in a caravan/challet, let me know... I think we still have 3 or 4 spare... ...were not nasty people, you are safe (well, until it gets dark enough for fire, anyway!)

clareyx, send me a mail and I will give you my mobile number; we can try and meet up that way!...


PS I think there were 3 or 4 others on the original thread, but I havent heard anything from them since...

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