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Forums > Social Chat > Glastonbury tickets, pleeeeeeeease

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Location: uk
Member Since: 10th May 2002
Total posts: 37
Posted:Basically i really really want to go to glastonbury, didn't have the money in time and now its sold out. If anyone knows where i might b able to get hold of one or more tickets - i will pay ABOVE the face value (within reason) - i will be their devoted slave forever after!! if not i'll cry for a month and become bitter and twisted when everyone comes back saying how wicked it was and i won't have celebrated my birthday in a fitting way *poor me*



northern monkey

Member Since: 8th Apr 2002
Total posts: 235
Posted:if ur a student you can apply to work as a steward. Okay its not the best way of going but at the time i think tis the only way hun

go to jobs4students.com, theyve got some info

vic xx

ex-hop-aholic, now inconsistent lurker...

Location: uk
Member Since: 10th May 2002
Total posts: 37
Posted:Hmmz that link seems to be dead now...

I did find out a little bit about this, actually my friend tasha is working as a beer tent steward i think, but all these positions on the glasto website have been filled :/ Thank u anyway, i might strike lucky on ebay hehe

In the mean time anyone else know anything about glastonbury tickets?

Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
Total posts: 382

I have the same problem as you and asked here a good few weeks ago for help but to be honest you are a bit too late.

I even tried to get in as a member of press representing a drum and bass website I admin for but that drew a blank. And now all the jobs are gone too!
Lesson learnt for next year, although if you are in the area there are going to be wicked unofficial events going on around the perimeter, so all is not completely lost.

And by the way, tickets on ebay have been fetching well over three hundred nicker!!!

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

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