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Posted:Anyone ever used this site before?
It's a database of like-minded travel freaks (or cheapskates - as the name cleary states!) willing to offer free accommodation to fellow travellers. The testimonials sound quite promising
I've just signed up, as I'm heading off on a years travelling in October, and I just thought it might come in handy.

I've no problems myself with putting up strangers I've never met before (right Gnor?? wink) Would like to hear if any of you have used this site, or have had similar experiences staying with/accomodating people from the net, outside HOP of course cool

Lisa peace

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Posted:nope. Only weird HoPsters that have put me up for the night!

that's a cool site tho, I hope you get lots of nice places to stay because of it and enjoy your travels!

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Posted:heh, i don't think i'd actually need that site cause i know enough people here ubblol

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