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Posted:Heya folks ...

Iam in the10th grade in a gymnasium . A gymnasium has 13 grades . Now i have some problems with my motivation frown
I have to write a maths test and I am absolutely not motivated ! I have some serious missings in this subject and everytime I try to learn I recognize that it is so senseless ... I can't fix the missings , I am simply not able to learn all the important rules for sinus cosinus and so on frown

I am simply desperated ... what shall I do ? I don't know what to do ... I have no really good mates in my class that could teach me some of this stuff ( because all of them can't explain anything ) and I have no no no idea how to get some motivation to start learning ! please help me



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Posted:Hang in there,duvan!You sound like an intelligent person and you will get thru this.My time at school was rather a long time ago.... ahem....so i can't remember much about the subject you speak of except that it was all about remembering formulas,memory work?.... i can't solve your problem but i can give you one of these




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Posted:same from me max

try to get your head down and work when you can.


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Posted:Coming up with a silly rhyme helped me to remember the rules for sin, cos and tan SOHCAHTOA for the triangles if that helps
Sin= Opposite and Hypotenuse
Cos= Adjacent and Hypotenuse
Tan - Opposite and Adjacent

Now I have no idea if that helps, it probably doesn't because you speak german and not english!
If that's not what you're trying to remember than i can empathise because: obviously, I can't remember it either! but this is two years ago now for me!!!

I always thought maths was useless too but it does have some wierd and wonderful applications outside of the lessons.

Motivation's always hard to come by for me I hope it's better for you!!!!
Take care max
You'll do well don't stress, stress is your worst enemy, take breaks and have some giggles during your exams otherwise you'll lose all the motivation you had left! xx

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Posted:Wow. Okay, so I'm also in grade 10, and have a math exam on... Thursday, methinks. (one of four exams next week >.<')

Motivation is a huge thing, I agree. Like.. Second semester (the heave one too) I decided to take it easy and enjoy life and being young. Yeah, so now it's exams, and... can't hand in all thoes assignments I was supposed to hand in. My average in math is 70% right now! The only thing I can do now is to get good on the exam.

I'd get a tutor... They really *really* help, I had to get one for my linear problems test, because I just didn't get it, and after that I got an 88% on the test!! Not only that, but when I got the tutor, I had to pay for it, because my parents were in Italy, and knew nothing about it. When they came back and heard that in the week and a half they were gone, I'd gotten a math tutor (well, she was just a grade 12 calculus student) and done the test, and got an 88%, they were very impressed.

You just have to make the huge effort yourself!

And I'm doing Sin, Cos, and Tan as well... We did that earlier in the year, so will have to refresh my memory.

Good luck! hughughug

Whoa, hey, I just realized I'm going to a Gymnasium next year!! eek

~ Bobo

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Posted:I have a tutor. expensive (20 a hour) but it really helps liek bobo said. I'm taking my maths GCSE early, becasue the school was under the asumption that i was clever - well they got that wrong. I was placed in the top set for year10 when i really didn't want to be. 2 or 3 would haev been good for me but nooo00000oooo. anyhoo, my maths has gone up TONNES over the time i've had her which is great, and hopefully i'll do well in the exam.

Good luck! I hope all your maths troubles are sorted!

Aimz xx

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Posted:Thanks for your encouraging replies smile

Well I have the problem that the last two weeks were holidays and I did absolutely nothing . I had to organize a pathfinder camp , doing this and that and so I didn't get it to learn . Now finally there are 3 days left 'til the exam and I still have to do a lot for example playing a concert .. I didn't go to the last 3 math lessons because I and some other classmates had exchange pupils from Polen ...
Generally I am not very good in maths ( I don't know exactly , I think in percent about 50 , maybe 60 ... ) even if I would get only 2% in this test I would pass the year , I wouldn't have to repeat it . But there's a strange fear in me ... the fear of "failing" .
I already had to repeat a class because I were a bit too lazy and amused by my hobbys ( actually I do lots of spinning , playing trumpet , leading a pathfinder group , making movies ) .. and I don't know if I'll ever get it to re- learn all the missings . In holidays I have hardly time , and if I have time I need most of it to relax , I have a "stressy" life . I enjoy my life completely , no doubt , I had incredible experiences already my class mates will maybe never have .. but I have a problem with doing things I don't really want to do ..
for example Greek . I haven't been so good in Greek in the first year . Then I started to develop a special relationship between me and this language , this culture . And now I really enjoy to learn this language . I have no problems with languages or other subjects , it's just maths and similar subjects , probably because I have no relationship to these subjects frown

shitta frown

bye max


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