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Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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Posted:Seriously! It was on BBC news...

Win a House for a Fiver

In Kent, UK.... Near Canterbury which is where UCOF, Konsti, Sunbeam etc... are!

Mad idea... good to avoid Estate Agents.

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playing the days away
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Posted:I havnet got a fiver frown

Let's relight this forum ubblove


Internet Hate Machine
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Posted:me neither. Pocket moneys been cut off, and Ive drained it off on sill electronical things.... Like this censored Laptop. *kicks the useless piece of junk*

Ohhhh, thats better its working now.
Bet theres a catch, Like huge amounts of tax when u move in or summit. But that's just me, I like a good conspiracy. :P

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remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:I've entered, thanks Pink! I'm a long way off from owning my own house and rent is costing me a fortune, so I think it's worth a go smile

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