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Posted:I don't know if this is the case but a friend of mine with US family said that, right now, if the british and american consulates in London are fully aware that someone is not a 'tourist' but visiting with someone and staying in their home, living with that person they can be issued a visa to stay for significantly longer than 3 months.

Now, I only ask if this is the case cause right now I know more than one person in my life who would be very happy to find that out, most likely, even though it doesn't permit work.

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Posted:In which country?

Recently I went to Michigan, when they found out I was intending to stay with a friend rather than in a hotel I immediately got the rubber gloves treatment, was taken into an interview room and asked all sorts of things about what I do for a living, what he does (had trouble with that one, even he doesn't really seem to know), when I was leaving, why I was I there in the first place, have I ever been a Communist, who shot JFK and so on. The implication was clearly that I had better be intending to go home again as soon as possible.

The UK visa authorities are about to clamp down really hard on non-old Commonwealth countries because of visa abuse, check with the consulate online before you make any plans.

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Posted:does that mean that i cant use dad's having been born in scotland to get a british passport, and pretty much live there?

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Posted:Have you ever been a communist? wtf?



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Posted:Written by: Achluophobia

Have you ever been a communist? wtf?

Actualy, I lied about that one. They used to ask if you were a member or ever had any connection with the Communist party. Now they ask you if you have any connection with terrorism and are entering with the purpose of overthrowing the government (really).

Hmmm, let's see. Sure I am.

Mig, I have a mate from Brisbane who has a German father, he can apply for an ancestory visa which gives him 4 years right of residency only. The British laws seem dependent on you having been born before 1983. Right now there's a hell of a lot of hoo-ha about immigration and visa grants etc, so if you want to do it you really should start making enquiries now before they crack down completely.

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There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.


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