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Posted:First poll.

Do you have a time of the day when you are most happpiest.
eg. doing poi at night, doing poi during mid-day, getting home after work/school, having a bath, just before going to bed, lunch break, ... etc
So is there a time which stands out more as a time of happieness?

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Posted:Any time of the day that I am still breathing!


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Posted:I like the afternoon and evening. Sunset during the summer is great. And I normally swim at 6-6:30 to 7:30-8 and when I'm swimming, I am happy.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:i am happy in evening i get all happy then
spesh if the wid is blowing
it rained tonight and i didnt care it was hot rain lovely!

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Posted:I love it when it is late at night and I'm the only one still awake.

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Posted:When I talk to ms Mand is usually my happiest moment during the day. Though, second to that is getting home from work.

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Posted:I vote with SpitFire, getting home from work.

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Posted:I'm at my happiest when i am filling out web forum polls

*nah not really but i thought it would funny to say smile

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Posted:I am happiest when I wake up and watch the sunrise!!! sunny

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Posted:when its Friaday Night/Sat morning. YAy! No more school!
When Im staffing too...

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Posted:just before dawn
just before dark
just before I go
just before I'm back

When I'm in my baby's arms
When I feel my soul is calm
When I'm in my favourite place
When I'm not playing the rat race

Just after I get home
Just after I stop being all alone
Just after I fall asleep
Just after I start to weep

My favourite time of day is all day, everyday

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Posted:Nice poem Custom.

I am happiest time of the day is the evening. I have always prefered night to day... but i love it at dusk. Just light enough to see properly. ubbangel

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Posted:I'm with you there on that one,Valura!Sunrise and early morning.......... smile


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Posted:Pretty much any time after the 1st coffee good with me. Come across me b4 1st coffee and u'll find this mad2

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt


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Posted:right after i get home from school and make myself some ramen noodles, when i take baths in the dark and 1 in the morning, luchtime, at school when it rains, anytime it rains,

im more at peace when:im spinning poi or my new flags, at anytime between 11;00 PM and 4;00 in the morning, sunset as well, and i guess sunrise too, but i dont see many of them wink

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Posted:im most happiest, when talking or being with a friend mate, or my lady biggrin

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Posted:Tis the evening and late at night for me. This is defo down to my job and the fact that I'm not a morning person either smile

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Posted:I don't have a best time, so can't really answer... it depends on lots of things: the people around me, where I am and what's happening

But to put it simply I'd say 0600-0800 usually seems to be the best time (I dream) but any time i can giggle or see something that no-one else sees makes me happy

When I'm being analysed by someone... at any time... that makes me unhappy

EDIT: i really like that poem Bug! hug

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Posted:love early mornings when everybody and everything is waking up..
sun getting trought trees bunches and say each time:

..and evenings+nights finished all my work and chatting with my friends or just sit to my room silently...yes




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Posted:there are 2 times that i love. around 8pm in the summer, just before a big storm when the wind is high. and really early in the morning when u wake up and know that there are no distractions

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Posted:For me it depends a lot not only on what I am doing but the time of year. I love winter nights (which is good, since they come at like 3 in the afternoon), summer evening.

Actually, it depends on the weather too. I like winter during the afternoon, but not if it is sunny, and I like summer if it is blisteringly hot afternoons or thunderstorming nights. But then, I like thunderstorms in the day too...hmm.

Actually, scratch all that, it seems what I like are certain time-weather combinations. So, certain kinds of environments I guess. Time is just one factor.


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Posted:thinks customs poem was beautiful. ubbrollsmile

im happiest in the early hours of the morning. providing that im still awake not just getting up. I feel more awake at night and love the darkness and the fun that goes on after hours and the company of the other idiots who are too still awake!

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Posted:When the wind is 15 - 20 mph from the south west and it is low tide at Hayling Island, or any other beach I'm at.

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Posted:in the morning when i wake up and i hear the rain drippin on the roof

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Posted:Totally depends on what day it is - weather I'm working or not. Sunrise is good on a summer morning....

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usually in the morning when I start the day
when the sun kisses me and makes me sway

in the instant our rhythms coincide
just we've got nothing more to hide

when we can watch each other naked
and forget 'bout all the hatred

this is when I feel happy
even when I'm nappy

there is no particular
not even one peculiar

if you hold and kiss me dear
and I can feel you near

that's my favourite time of day
having thoughts that make me sway

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Posted:the moment I come home and my dog says hi

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