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hi everyone..
so Im totaly new and I dont know much about poi... anyone who can tell me some about poi?

shifty be shiftin the weather

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Hi Shifty and welcome to HOP
Here are a few infos on this Bulletin Board :

this section is the "social" section where we discuss... hmmm... just about anything poi nd less poi related
the "introduction" section will allow you to introduce yourself and tell us all about you (please do so ) which is why this very post might be removed from here at ome point, but don't worry
the "help"... is for help
the following sections are all technical
and you have also the section about "events and gatherings" where you might want to post if you are organizing something in Sweden.
I'f you want to find other swedish twirlers, please use the "meet others" directory and do a little search.

pfew... that was a long one...
as for somethign to say about oi ???
read posts here, look at the poi lessons , do searches about previous threads that may talk about interesting subjects.
and my personal one is : don't ever forget to dance when you spin

shine on and again welcome

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hey shifty welcome to HOP Cass has pretty much covered it all just thought I'd :
have fun and IT's ALL IN THE WRISTS

if your learning the poi lessons are really good and if you need equipment the shop is really cheap and they deliver really quikly


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welcome to the HOP family Shifty!

although poi is great why don't you have a think about staffs too? Have a look at the poi and staff lessons and decide what's for you. If you need any advice just ask, everyone's really friendly here.

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