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Posted:I've been asked by a friend of mine to do some performing during feast at the big hfs event this summer. Unfortunately, the only real performing I've ever done is at the haunted hayride, and that was for people that have little real experience and most of whom totally ignored me. So I'm a little jittery about doing it in front of people that will actually pay attention, and appreciate it. What is a good way to get over this stage fright. Also I need some good medieval and middle eastern sounding music for this. Any ideas? ubbloveand hug

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Posted:search your Tantien.
it will show you the way.

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Posted:Got my first performance this Thursday eek

I know Ill be really nervous too but Ive spun for enough semi-large groups of friends so Im just gonna imagine that everyone in the crowd is my friend and it shouldnt be too bad. Im also usually only nervous for the first minute or two, then I start to warm up and get more comfortable. Unfortunately for me, I only get to spin for 3 - 5 mins so I may end up choking through 2/3 my set smile

I suggest maybe going out and performing for the public with non-fire Poi... Go to a park or other high traffic environment and spin. Get used to having large groups of people watching you, gawking at you, and sometimes even looking at you like this confused umm help hehe

Also, practice a lot a week before the event. Get together a bunch of different combos that you can use so you dont end up just standing there doing the same move the whole time. Also, warm up a bit right before you go on... Stretch, do a few easy moves followed by some of your tougheset, make sure you can do everything you plan on doing...

And if all else fails, smoke a fat spliff and let your worries drift away meditate

Ahh, who am I kidding, do that anyway tongue

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Posted:How aboutb a little more info about the venue, where you will be doing it, the type of people present, how much you are getting paid etc etc.

There are a million different ways to do a performance, but some more details may allow us to narrow it down somewhat... smile

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