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Posted:Hello all,

I am tentitivly scheduling a date for a 1 day (4 hour) Beginners double staff intensive tutorial to be held in Central London Sunday July 4th.

I'd like to see if there are many people interested to see if it is worth my while?

Ideally people will have a fairly firm grasp of single staff moves and how to turn with your staff - although I plan to use some of the time brushing up single staff techniques.

Aaaaanyway... PM me please - It'll be a 10 person limit and an approximate cost of 25.

big love smile


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Posted:Twas good...... biggrin

Dave's course was like the Ronseal ads - it did exactly what it said on the tin...."intense".... indeedy! cool

Might have to grab ya tomorrow Mr Knox as I had trouble remembering it all when I showed Bammers last night. Me bad, I know..... rolleyes

kiss hug kiss

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Posted:Awww I'm so jealous, I wish I'd been there.


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